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03.02 Exploring the Universe

No description

Madison RS

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of 03.02 Exploring the Universe

03.02 Exploring the Universe
This project will be about the Hubble Space Telescope. It has been orbiting around Earth, 400 miles away, since April 25th, 1990. Hubble was launched as a collaboration between NASA and ESA.
Hubble's Legacy
Hubble has helped many astronomers with their work. It has allowed people to learn a lot about the solar system and other distant planets, including ones that are similar to Earth.
Data and History
Hubble was originally given three goals: (1) to study nearby galaxies and determine the properties of intergalactic medium and the gaseous content of galaxies and group of galaxies, (2) use the Wide Field camera to take data whenever one of the other instruments was being used, and (3) determine the Hubble Constant within 10 percent by reducing the errors, both external and internal, in the calibration of the distance scale.
Facts About Hubble
The Hubble space telescope has provided people on Earth with a lot of information about unknown galaxies and stars that humans wouldn't have known about. The Hubble allows us to investigate the past of our galaxy and predict what may happen in the future.
Hubble's Pictures
Hubble takes better pictures than any other telescope. Take a look!
Data and History 2
In these past years, Hubble has taken over 570,000 pictures. Hubble is still out in space, even today - althought Hubble's creator states that "the telescope is used to orbit far beyond our moon and detect infrared rays."
While Hubble did not bring any other advances to Earth, it has provided humans with such extended knowledge of the galaxies that we can predict the future of the Milky Way galaxy as well as answer questions about the creation of our universe.
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