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Ed Gein

No description

David Melichar

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Ed Gein

Schizophrenia Necrophilia
"Organized Lust Serial Killer"
Found in Edward Gein's Home


Sexual attraction to corpses

Abnormal time thinking of corpses

Sexual fantasies of corpses

Sexual urges towards corpses
-Human skulls mounted on his bed
-Lampshades and chairs made from human skin
-Bowls made from human skull caps
-Human heart inside a pan on a stove
-Head of Mary Hogan in a paper bag
-Ceiling light pull made from human lips
-A full body woman suit from real woman
-Belt made from human nipples
-Socks made from human flesh
-Many masks made from human faces
-Nine vulvae in a shoe box
-And much more...
Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Butcher of Plainfield
Other Information...
August 8th, 1906 (Youngest of 2)
July 26th, 1984 (Respiratory Failiure)
George and Augusta Gein (Father was an alcoholic and Mother ran a grocery store)
Birthplace and Home:
LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, USA
November 17th, 1957
November 14th, 1968 (Life in Mental Institute)
Number of Killings:
7 (Confessed to 2, suspected of 5 more)
Victim Type:
Middle-aged females who resembled his mother

-Ed Geins actions inspired multiple horror movie/book characters (Norman Bates from
, Jame Gumb from
The Silence of the Lambs
, and Leatherface from
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

-His mother was puritanical

-After his mothers death, he wanted a sex change

-His mother prevented him from having any friends

-He never had sex with any of the bodies because "they smelled too bad"

-He created the woman suit so he could pretend to be his mother
Ed Gein
Suffered from schizophrenia and necrophilia. Known as a sexual psychopath. All caused by an unhealthy relationship with his mother, physical abuse from his father, emotional and verbal abuse from his mother, being caught masturbating by his mother, and his mother instilling unnatural feelings and attitudes towards women and the world.
Ed Gein practiced human taxidermy, robbed multiple graves on separate occasions, and committed murder.
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