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L. C. Bailey

No description

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of L. C. Bailey

Scientist Project
Leonard C. Bailey
Personal Life
Bailey often bragged about her wonderful baked goods to his co-workers who would request them often, which made him very proud.
Professional Life
* Bailey received a patent for the Soldier's folding bed on July 18, 1899
"Who Is LC Bailey?" WikiAnswers. Answers, 2013. Web. 02 Oct. 2013
"Leonard C. Bailey." Legacy.com. N.p., 2013. Web. 2 Oct. 2013
*Bailey is a influential African American who was born on March 11th, of 1948 to the late Mark Bailey and Alma Bailey in Johnson City, NY
*Bailey died on Monday, February 1, of 2010
*Bailey was 61 years old when he went to be with the lord. He lived in Johnstown, OH.
*His Parents who were Mark Bailey and Alma Bailey did not play a role in his work, but supported and encouraged him through his years.
He was a Soldier and was fighting in a war and found that soldiers' life can improve more by inventing something they needed like a folding bed.
Personal Life
*Bailey had 3 children named Buffie Arhbal who was nicknamed Haj, Luke Bailey who was nicknamed Riya, and Colleen Bailey.
The significance of these inventions :
*Sisters: Ed Bailey, Margaret (Jim) Pullen, Sharon (William "BJ") Denk and Pamela (Thomas) Kulas and brothers Mark Jr., Jack and Marlon
*Although Bailey had many siblings and had a spouse none of them played a role in his work, but supported and encouraged him.
*He was married to a women named Darlene Bailey. For whom he married in August 14, of 1976.
As a father, he was a role model and always available when advice was needed. He taught his children that in order to gain respect they must first give respect and that even men can be and should be sensitive.
Successful African American inventor and Businessman
*He was a christian gentleman Beginning as a Professional Barber, He owned and operated 3 Barber Shops in The District of Columbia
He invented:
*A Soldier's folding bed for tent and camp purposes.
The inventions are used in our everyday lives but they are different, because over time it has been improved and made more simpler for us by others.
Bailey's first invention was the folding bed, then he kept progressing and made other things. He gradually stopped making inventions when he died in the year of 2010.
When and How
*Was a director of the Industrial Building and Savings Company in D.C.
*Was a Board member of the Berean Baptist Church in D.C.
*A director of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, located at Manassas, Va.
*He was a MEMBER of the famous " Millie Gaines Jury," notable as
the FIRST MIXED JURY in the District of Columbia
*A Device for automatically shunting moving railway trains
*A Device for rapidly stamping mail
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