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Elegibility for ICPS

If you have any doubts about your membership in IAPS and/or eligibility to attend ICPS

Ana Milinović

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Elegibility for ICPS

Elegibility for ICPS

Are you:
older than 18
enrolled in an university or similar institution on a physics or physics-related course (up to twelve months after receiving a degree from an university in this field of study)
IAPS member (if you are not certain you are an IAPS member press ->)

IAPS membership

According to where you study!
National Commitee (NC): open to all students from a country of study
Local Commitee (LC): open to all students from a university or a group of
Individual member (IM): a student with no access to NC or LC, 10€ fee per academic year
click -> for NCs and LCs nearby:
Please select the continent of your study for list of available NCs and LCs. If you are already their member, congratulations, you are an IAPS member! If not, please contact them. If no NC/LC is available to you, please apply for Individual Membership.
(click on text to zoom)
NC Austria: Basisgruppe Physik an der TU Graz nc-austria@iaps.info

NC Bosnia and Herzegovina: Udruženje studenata fizike Univerziteta u Banjoj Luci

NC Croatia: SSHFD (Studentska sekcija Hrvatskog fizikalnog društva)

NC France: AFNEUS (La fédération des étudiants en Sciences)

NC Finland: Suomen Fysiikanopiskelijat ry nc-finland@iaps.info

NC Germany: jDPG (junge Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft)

NC Hungary: Mafihe (Magyar Fizikushallgatók Egyesülete)

NC Italy: AISF (Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica)

NC Lithuania: Vilniaus Universiteto Fizikos Fakulteto studentu Moksline Draugija nc-lithuania@iaps.info

NC The Netherlands: SPIN (Studenten Physica in Nederland)*
NC Norway: NoFFo (Norske Fysikkstudenters Forening Trodheim)
NC Portugal: Physis (Associação Portuguesa de Estudantes de Física)
NC UK + Republic of Ireland: (USN - University Student Network, student branch of the Institute of Physics)** nc-uk-ireland@iaps.info

*All members of a physics study association are member
**All physics students are member
LC Malta: S-Cubed (the Science Students’ Society)

LC Denmark:
Odense: AETER-Student Organization for FKF
LCs Poland:
Gdansk: Physics Student Research Association

LCs Romania:
Bucharest: ASFUB (Asociatia Studentilor Fizicieni din Universitatea Bucuresti) lc-bucharest@iaps.info
Craiova: Asociatia Studentilor Facultatea de Fizica din Craiova lc-craiova@iaps.info

LC Serbia:
Novi Sad: Klub studenata fizike lc-novisad@iaps.info

LC Turkey:
Ankara: METU Physics Society lc-ankara@iaps.info

LC Ukraine:
Kyiv: APSKNU ( Association of Physics Students of Kyiv National University) lc-kyiv@iaps.info
If there are no NCs of LCs nearby, please register for Individual membership
North America
NC Canada: Canadian Association of Physicists

NC USA: Society of Physics Students (SPS), American Institute of Physics nc-usa@iaps.info
If there are no NCs of LCs nearby, please register for Individual membership
NC Nepal: NPSA (Nepal Physics Students Association)
LC Phillipines:
Quezon City: University of Phillipines Physics Association
If there are no NCs of LCs nearby, please register for Individual membership
Please register for
Individual membership
South America
Please register for
Individual membership
Please register for
Individual membership
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