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monografia SJA nicolas

No description

Nicolas Marmolejo

on 23 October 2018

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Transcript of monografia SJA nicolas

To study, analyze and observe the drug addiction in a teenager in all his life style
2.To find a possible treatments and to search the ones that is better for the patient
1. To identify the causes, symptoms,of the addiction
why this study?
Is wanted to observe how this can affect to an specific teenager that have to face to everyday situations like the relationship between others individuals and the decisions making
what could be the causes?

it could be for social pressure.

what are the effects of the drugs?
in the effects of the drugs can be observe an incapacity to be aware of the reality and it cause a sedation state, in which the person can´t recognize the actions that she/he made in this state.
what is my alternative
First tell to the patient what is his/her actual health state and the best treatment is the slow reduction of the drug in a limited of time
what aspects the drug affect?
How the drugs affect to a specific teenager in a physical and psychological ambit?
SPECIFIC objectives
specific objectives
or by the genes (if the mother are pregnant and she have an intake of some drug) and the structure of the DNA.
the drugs are an addiction or genetic problem that affect the attitude, behavior,and the feelings
how the THC drive a long the body?
when the cannabis is smoked the blood of the lungs take it in a fast way and the THC it accumulates in some parts of the body like the testicles, the kidneys.
what are the uses of the cannabis?
is used to make ropes, paper etc. the ancient chineses used the seed like a food. and the roots of this plant can produce medicines.
species of the plant
it has 2 types:
cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, the last one are the most common around USA and could take a height between 5 and 8 meters of tall.
theoretical framework
the cannabis has 3 types of intensity
1. the first is called "dolor de cabeza".
2. until the fertilization it produce THC.
3. without seed.
conceptual framework
The Genetic part has an important influence around the drug addiction, The cannabis plant has around 400 components where it can be found around 66 cannabinoids different like the THC. this are the most common
Cannabidiol or CBD
Cannabinol or CBN
Cannabigerol or CBG
Cannabicromeno or CBC
methodological design
In this work the drug addiction is been study from an specific patient, this patient is a teenager of 15 years old that´s coursing tenth grade
treatment for the patient
In this step are searched some
treatments that can help to improve the patient’s condition. Also will taking into account the physical state of the teenager.
the treatment for the patient
has 4 steps
1.. Detoxification
2. Behavioral Counseling
3. Medicines
4.Monitoring to prevent relapse

in the test that he patient realized are 11 questions about drug addiction, and he show that he has some symptoms of this disease
In first point, there is a signal of deterioration in the prefrontal cortex
In second point, the symptoms that he presents are common in damage in the central part of the brain called ‘mammalian brain’.
with this analysis it could be conclude that the patient has drug addiction. It because the diagnosis is accommodated to the complications, both physical (neurological)) and emotional
According to the test and the patient diagnosis , he suffers some of the symptoms of drug addiction like :and felling alone,lose interest in his hobbies.
This work is directed to explain and understand the "disease" of drug addiction ,identifying some symptoms and consequences that this addiction could have.
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