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UP Organizing

No description

Keith Anderko

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of UP Organizing

Let's assume the following (and tell people about it!):
1. Our job is to make the lives of working people better.
2. Labor unions are the best vehicle to accomplish this.
3. Whatever we can do to get working people engaged in unions
is worthwhile.
Over 40
Programs and

For Union Members
1.5% Cash Back Rewards No Annual Fee
0% Intro Rate Competitive APR
Insurance (auto, retiree health, life, ADD, Pet)
Motor Club & Tires
Delivery Flowers
Legal Assistance
Travel & Entertainment
MANY More!
Disaster Relief Credit Counseling
Debt Management Disability Assistance

Princeton Review
Let's Start with what Union Plus is and how members use the benefits to save money.
15% Discount
on wireless
services saves
$100 each year!
Waived Activation Fee
Unionized Workers
The Big Ones
$500 at

$500 First
Home Award
or refinancing)
If you've had a Union Plus Mortgage for 1yr or more...

Strike or Lockout (30+ Days):
Benefit pays up to 6 months of your mortgage or $15k

Layoff, Disability, Strike, or Lockout
Interest-free loan of up to 6 months of your mortgage or $16k

First $1,000 does NOT need to be repaid!

Assistance applies to union member OR eligible cosigner

Eligible for Disaster Relief
The Big 3
2. Credit Card
The Ca$h
The Assistance Grants
The Big Ones
3. AT&T
$0 Fraud Liability
All calls answered in US
Union member advocates
There is Value to Union Membership
Free-loaders may have same contract, but they do not have access to Union Plus Benefits, which save members thousands of dollars!
Union Benefits Don't Just Stay at Work
Collective power in the workplace leads to collective power
at home
Every discount used outside of work is a reminder of the
value your union provides

Collective Power
Buying Power

Save money, build your union.
Keeping Things Fresh and members
"What's the union done for me lately?"

For New Organizing: "I'm worried the company can't afford a union here and we'll be out of business." (UP seeks to partner with unionized providers.)

Newsletters, facebook, bulletin boards,
new member packets

Highlight features every payday or each month
Incorporate Union Plus Benefits into your Organizing Plan
Member Testimonials with pictures are Key!

Include benefits in EVERY aspect of organizing. "Benefits" is a magic word for workers, and "new benefit" is the easiest way to start a conversation. More contacts and more conversations about more reasons to join the union = more members.
Get Creative!
How can you uniquely show workers the union has their back while the employer doesn't?
In response to company management forbidding members to wear any union insignias or apparel, workers wore buttons at the worksite that read: "I Am A Smart Consumer."

When a co-worker asked why the union member was "A Smart Consumer," the union member's response was "I participate in our union's Union Plus benefits programs which saves my family hundreds of dollars each year."
One employer informed the union that they believed the workers were stealing the band-aides provided to them by the company. As a result, the company decided that it would no longer provide band-aides for free.

The union contacted Union Privilege and was provided with "Union Plus band-aide packets," which were distributed throughout the workplace with this note: "The union trusts the workers at this plant." It turned the tide of the campaign in the union's favor.
"New hires generally are very interested in the benefits and this has helped recruitment," says CWA Local 6203 Secretary-Treasurer Janice Bell. She uses the benefits to organize AT&T workers in Lubbock, TX where each hourly employee has to be signed up to join the union since Texas is a right-to-work state.
Train your best people and evangelize!
Know the Programs

Learn your members' priorities

Brea Ellis Keith Anderko
(202) 778-9827 (202) 778-9846
BEllis@Unionplus.org KAnderko@Unionplus.org
Nonprofit created by the AFL-CIO in 1986
- Provides consumer 40+ consumer benefits and discounts to union members.
- No membership fee or need to enroll
- No dues go to operation
- Reports to board of Intl. Union Leaders
- Annual top-to-bottom competitive review
- Unionized staff (OPEIU Local 2)
$375,000 to union members who had a Union Plus Mortgage or Insurance policy.

And if their homes were not underwater, their mortgages may have been.

Our mortgage program helped tens of thousands of families hold their ground and actually gain more.

More than
$50 billion
in union mortgages

$11.1 million
in assistance

Lower average rate vs. other cards
(14.75% vs. 15.47%)


Save 20% On flowers,
delivered by local florist
Save at 50 theme parks, including Disney
Discounts on movie tickets
Las Vegas attractions savings
And theaters, MLB, zoos, more

1-800-556-3712 (ID # 744387769)


Save On Entertainment

How does the Union Plus Motor Club Compare?

Union Plus AAA Plus* AARP Premier Allstate Motor Club Deluxe

Member $69.00 $128.75 $61.00 $174.00

+ 1 family $69.00 $206.75 $71.00 $174.00
$150,000 annual scholarships
for members, children

More than $3.4 Million in 20 yrs

Money For College, Trade School

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