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Revolutions Project Sample - The American Revolution

No description

Taylor Wasvick

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Revolutions Project Sample - The American Revolution

Revolutions Project Sample - The American Revolution
The American Revolution
Why it happened
The British Governemtn increased taxes on all of their colonies because of new debt gained during the seven years war.

During this time, the colonists became frustrated with the king for harsh taxing and strong military presence.

Colonists wanted representation in British Parlement but were denied.
Colonists became frustrated
The British Governemtn implemented Taxes such as The Stamp Act, The Paper Act, The Townshead Act, and the Tea Act.

Declaratory Act - Stated that the crown had total control over the government.
Founding Fathers VS King George III
George Washington and the Founding Fathers
George Washington

General of the Revolutionary Army

Eventually became the first President after the War was finished.
King George III
King of British Empire from
1760 to 1820
At this point, British empire
was the largest in the world,
expanding into North America,
Africa, Asia, and Europe.
1765-1774 - Many Taxes and Laws were forced upon the Colonists.

1775 - Patrick Henry Gives famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech

1776 - Declaration of Independence is written by Thomas Jefferson

1781 - Articles of Confederation is adopted

1787 - US Constitution is Signed
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