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Socratic Seminar for Arthur Miller's The Crucible

No description

Julie Ford

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Socratic Seminar for Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Socratic Seminar for Arthur Miller's
The Crucible

Question #1
Are Puritan values still alive in America today?
Their strong ‘worth ethic’: the idea that only through hard work and discipline can anything good be achieved.
Respect for the Bible, belief in God, and Christianity.
Puritans were on a Divine mission and were part of the "City on a Hill" (from John Winthrop's sermon in 1630)
believed in a Spartan existence
Denied free will (believed in predestination)
Intolerant of different beliefs
The outside world is evil
Promoted education (so one could read the Bible)
Against anything the Bible is "against" (ex. technology, pride, democracy, divorce)

Question #2
Do you think the Puritan work ethic is still possible to follow?

Is the ”American Dream” still possible?
Question #3
Puritans believed that human beings are inherently (in their innermost heart or nature) evil. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Give evidence from the play in your response.
Question #4
Is there a hero in this play? If so, who?

Think about heroic actions taken by minor characters as well as major characters. If you think the play lacks a hero, explain why you think none of the characters’ actions are heroic.

Are heroes still appreciated in our culture? Are they as necessary as they were in the past?

Discuss any heroes on the play and give evidence of their heroism.

Question #5
Is justice best determined in a court of law?

Give evidence from the play or from your experience in your response.

Question #6
Is John Proctor selfish or selfless?

Is Abigail a selfish liar or is she a victim of an oppressive society?
Question #7
Identify one message that Arthur Miller is trying to communicate through writing
The Crucible.

Explain fully what he is attempting to communicate about the human condition, and/or about how humans should or do behave in relationship with one another.

Be sure to cite evidence from the text for support.

Question #8
the following statement:

"It is nobler to die with integrity than to live with compromised principles that harm

Use evidence from the play to support your response.
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