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The Soviet Union Under Stalin

Ch. 16, Section 3

Stacy Keenan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Soviet Union Under Stalin

The Soviet Union
Under Stalin Ch. 16, Section 3 Command Economy Controlled by government
5-year plans: heavy industry
improve transportation
increase farm output Government owned all
businesses and distributed
High production goals
Agriculture under government control set prices controlled access to
farm supplies collectives Resistance - killing farm animals
destroying tools, burning crops,
grew just enough food to feed
themselves seized grain and left peasants to starve Food as a Weapon began with goal to get rid
of the kulaks 5 - 8 million died in Ukraine alone Terror Tactics Crimes against humanity no free press Critics sent to Gulag Targets Old Bolsheviks, army heroes,
industrial managers, writers, and ordinary
citizens charged with range of crimes "Show Trials" At least 4 million fell victim to the purges Great Purge Propaganda make himself a godlike figure complete control of media socialist realism Russification aetheism
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