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HOT202 - Ownership Management Structures

Assessment 1

Tu Do

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of HOT202 - Ownership Management Structures

- Shareholders are not liable for the company debts and other legal obligations.
(Investopedia, 2015)

- Shareholders benefit from the company performance.

- Accor group in the Stock Exchange in France

- According to Bloomberg Business a share in Accor hotels is currently valued Euros47.38
(Bloomberg Business, 2015)

Accor Hotels
Accor Hotels
Annual Report 2013
Company Background
Accor Hotels
HOT202 - Ownership Management Structures
Authors: Tu Do 29825 Lecturer: Brian R. R
Zoltan Prokai 32661
Chotika Punyanitya 27055 Date: 27/03/2015
Dairelys Villarroel 31315

Management Contracts

Accor Hotels Ownership Structures
Accor Hotels Ownership Structures
Accor Hotels Ownership Structures
Advantages Disadvantages
Advantages Disadvantages
Questions ???

AAPC Australia Pty Limited & Ors - Notifications - N97109 - N97113. 2015. AAPC Australia Pty Limited & Ors - Notifications - N97109 - N97113. [Online] Available at: http://registers.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1128240/fromItemId/1107038. [Accessed 22 March 2015].

Accor, 2013, 'Registration document and annual financial report' [Online]. Available at: www.accor.com/fileadmin/user...Accor/.../2013_registration_document.pdf.

Accor. 2015. Accor's strategic vision - Accor. [Online] Available at: http://www.accor.com/en/group/accors-strategic-vision.html. [Accessed 19 March 2015].

Accor Business Review, (2013) [Online] Available at: www.accor.com/fileadmin/...Accor/.../2013_business_review_accor.pdfAdvantages and Disadvantages of Management Contracts | Chron.com. 2015. Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Contracts | Chron.com. [Online] Available at: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-disadvantages-management-contracts-18886.html. [Accessed 22 March 2015].

Bloomberg Business (2015) 'Accor sa (AC:EN Paris)', Bloomberg Business, 25 March [Online]. Available at: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot_article.asp?ticker=AC:FP [Accessed 20 March 2015]

Franchise contract with Accor ?. [Online] Available at: http://www.accor.com/en/franchise-and-management/our-contracts/franchise-agreement.html. [Accessed 22 March 2015].

DeRoss, J. (2011) 'Gaining maximum benefit from franchise agreements, management contracts and leases' [Online]. Available at: http://scholarship.sha.cornell.edu/articles/309 (Accessed 15 March 2015) Franchise contract with Accor ?. 2015.

Giordimaina, F. (n.d.) 'Accor hotel organizational chart overview'

Investopedia, 2015 'Shareholder'. Available at: http://investopedia/terms/s/shareholder.asp [Accessed 14 March 2015]

Management contract - Accor. (2015) Management contract - Accor. [Online] Available at: http://www.accor.com/en/franchise-and-management/our-contracts/management-contract.html. [Accessed 22 March 2015].

Morschett,D,, Schramm-Klein, H. and Zentes, J. (2009)
Strategic International Management: Text and Cases.
Germany: Gabler.

Values - Accor (2015) [Online] Available at: http://www.accor.com/en/group/accor-company-profile/values.html. [Accessed 19 March 2015].

- Accor S.A. is a worldwide company which operates in the hotel and service sector. It is number one hotel operator in the world and the market leader in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Middle-East.

- It was established in France over 40 years ago. The founders Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson opened the first hotel by the name of ‘Novotel’ in Lille Lesquin, France.

- At the moment, Accor has over
employees in more than
hotels in
countries around the world.

- Accor has 17 different hotel brands which are categorized by luxury/upscale, mid scale and budget.
(Accor Business Review, 2013)
Wondering ???
Organizational Chart
Manage operations at its hotels and provide the best choice of services for partner hotel owners.
"To be 
world’s most innovative, best performing and most valued hotel company"
(Accor Strategic Vision, 2015)

long-term vision
 is based on an uncomplicated and more agile organization, specific performance indicators, and a structure built to maximize operational performance and create value for every one of the company’s stakeholders".
(Accor hotels, 2015)
# Innovation # Performance

# The spirit of conquest # Respect # Trust
The management staff is brought by Accor group. (Morschett, Schramm-Klein and Zentes, 2009)

The non-managerial is recruited locally

Employees will follow Accor’s values and capabilities.
Example: LeClub Accor hotels

Employee turnover does not affect the business directly with this contract.

Sales force – different target markets
Referenced suppliers – treated as an Accor group subsidiary.
(Accor Management contracts, n.d.)
The amount of conflicts can get high with this type of contract depending on if whether the hotel is owned, leased or operated by the contractor.

Changing in pricing, discounts programs and forecasts can get compromising.

Sometimes on these contracts there is no an easy way out -> clauses have to put in the contract.
With over 40 years well-known in the world, Accor company has provided the best choice of services for partner hotel owners and helped them with Accor's manager staff.

Becoming one of the most innovative, best performing and best values

Accor's organization and structures have developed to gain maximize for every hotel ownership

dynamic approaches introduced through Management Contracts and Franchising.

Important pre-open support by franchisor

Ongoing support by franchisor

Wide spread brand name recognition

Benefits of pre-sold customer base
(DeRoss, 2011)

Franchisee fees

Ongoing royalties

Ongoing advertising fees
Hotel Operator leader in the World
Accor has introduced a new dynamic approach to change Accor group and make it even more efficient than any other brand and become the world's top performing group as well as the most agile one.
(Accor Business Review, 2013)
- Franchiser and hotel operator owned by
or held by its franchised and managed partners. It receives royalty.
- Influence the expertise combination of a investor, property manager and a developer to optimize the value of its assets portfolio operated by
through management contracts
(Accor Business Review, 2013)
17 Different Hotel Brands
- Company Background
- Organizational Chart
- Company Mission, Visions and Values
- Ownership Structures
- HotelServices and Hotelinvest
- Management Contracts
- Shareholders
- Franchising
- Annual Report 2013
- Conclusion
- Questions
- Easter Games :)
Accor Hotels
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