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Al - Quran Research

No description

Hayati Husin

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Al - Quran Research

The discussion in this book can be divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter includes discussion on the following :

1) Chapter one disscuss Ulum al-Quran and method of documentation. The first topic discusses the definition of Ulum al-Quran, Usul al-Tafsir and Ulum al-Tafsir.

2) Chapter two discussion is on I'jaz al-Quran. The topics within this chapter includes the definition, the difference between karamah and magic, the divisions, background, the history of I'jaz with the explaination on a few aspects of I'jaz al-Quran and its examples.

3) The explaination of the wisdom of the existance of nasakh, the method of it's identification and categorization. Lastly, the explaination on the group that doubt the existance of nasikh and mansukh with the answers to their doubtfulness.
by Zulkifli Hj Mohd Yusoff
Muhammad Mukhlis Hj Mohd Yunus
Quranic Research
Kajian Al - Quran
Quranic Research

4) The meaning of tafsir and takwil from the perspective of language and terminology and the difference between the two. The history of the growth of tafsir and takwil with the listing of methods of compilation of tafsir books.

5) Chapter five introduces tafsir books in the Malay language and the history within the Malay region with the presentation of the written tafsir literatures.

6) Chapter six discusses the misinterpretation that happened within the book of tafsir compiled by scholars. Next, the discussion on israilliyat, Batiniyyah groups, Syiah and orentalist that critisizes al-Qur'an.
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