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Effective Social Media in Ten Minutes a Day COS 2014

No description

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Effective Social Media in Ten Minutes a Day COS 2014

Effective Social Media in Ten Minutes a Day
{Making Connections & Enhancing Partnerships
Erin McIlraith, MA & Ashlie Grilz, M.Ed
Washington State University Center for Civic Engagement
Managing Time & Improving Your Social Media
Social Media Streamlining Guide
Did we cover everything
you expected?
Planning New
Social Media Strategies
What obstacles do you face in your organization in implementing a social media campaign or enhancing a current campaign?
Resource Guide
So What?
Why is social media important for your organization?
Current Strategies
How does your organization currently use social media?
Why is Social Media Important?
Reasonable Expectations
Keep Improving
Other Tools
Managing Time
Upfront Cost
Each Platform
List of Topics
Scheduling Posts
In the Back of Your Mind
Keep in Mind
Reputational Risks
Taking Your
Social Media to Your Audience
Events & Marketing
Website Links
Paid Ads
Engage & Engage With
Types of Posts
Visual Elements
Taking Risks
Asking for Support
Know Your Audience
Determine Your Tone & Style
Beginning Your Adventure
Have a Plan
Know the Rules
Best Practices
Create a URL
Social Media Stats
Millennial Advice
Social Media Audit
Beginning Your Adventure
Beginning Your Adventure
Appealing to Your Audience
Keep in Mind
What could you do to improve your usage of social media?
Keep Improving
What strategies can you use to streamline your social media experience?
Do you have any
follow-up questions?
Ashlie Grilz - ashlie.grilz@wsu.edu
Erin McIlraith - emcilraith@wsu.edu
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