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Copy of Great White Sharks

No description

Tapiwa Chakanaka

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Great White Sharks

Factoid 3:
The largest great white shark ever caught on rod and reel weighed 2,664 pounds.
Factoid 2- In Augusta Sicily there was a 15-foot female shark which was caught there.
Factoid 2 Sharks are often mistaken humans for their prey.

Opinion 1
Back then we believed that great whites attack boats.
Factoid 1 fisherman kill sharks for their fins.

Michael Torres
Hailey Laugerman
Tapiwa Chakanaka
Kirsten Winstead

In Australia between 1876
and 1999, 52 attacks by great
whites were recorded, and 27 of the
attacks were fatal.
Tapiwa -- Black
Hailey --Green
Michael - Yellow
Kirsten - Pink
Factoid 3 People we're afraid because of the movie jaws.
Commonplace Assertions #1

A swimmer has a better chance
of getting struck by lightning than
getting killed by a shark.
sharks are the most wonderful natural-born killers.
Commonplace Assertions #2
Sharks are bigger than ships.

Fact #1
Shark finning in the Pacific
Ocean by fishermen.
Fact #2
A 17-foot great white shark was caught
in the Atlantic Ocean, and weighed 3,500 pounds breaking a record.
Fact #3
Shark fins sold in Asian
markets and leaving the sharks to die on ships.
Sharks are beautiful, graceful, efficient,
and important members of the ocean food

At least 4000 species of sharks know
Only four types of sharks are know man killers and commonly mistake humans for seals.
Sharks are rarely violent.
Fact #2
Fact #3
Fact #1
We thought once Great white sharks smelled blood they went into a feeding frenzy.
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