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Advantages and Disadvantages of FDR's New Deal

Was the New Deal extremely successful and the factor that saved capitalism, or were there failures- was it the New Deal or WW2 which truly saved America?

Leon Brindley

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of FDR's New Deal

The New Deal
The good things about the New Deal
The New Deal solved most of the problems in America at that time of year. It also helped the unemployed to receive jobs from around 14 million in 1933 to 8 million in 1937. Millions of poor people received relief, food, shelter and clothing. This method stopped people from starving and dying. The New Deal restored confidence in America because without the New Deal, America would have crumbled and will be at a more worse situation then before. Constuction work on dams and roads helped the future development of industry. The New Deal also changed the conditions of factory life for the better through acts such as the Wagner Act signed on July 5th, 1935.
What was the New Deal?
The New Deal was a series of policies implemented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt(FDR) in 1932 to steer the American economy back to economic wellbeing. These also included alphabet agencs such as the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and the AAA(Agricultural Adjustment Agency). American people were very confident the New Deal would be successful, and so voted FDR into office in the 1932 election hoping he could help the country, and capitalism itself, recover.
Disadvantages of the New Deal
1- The New Deal was extremely expensive, FDR almost doubled the national debt due to it, increasing it from $22,539,000,000 before 1933, to $44,458,000,000 at 1940. This wouldn't safeguard the American economy for the future. This money was both borrowed and came out of rich people's bank accounts, which angered them greatly.
2- FDR helping people meant he was interfering with state affairs and controlling the people too much. The government had too much power, which is exactly what communism involved.
3- The New Deal created various laws to improve working conditions for workers- in the Wagner act. This damaged government relations with factory owners.
So what truly saved America?
The New Deal was a good concept, but the depression was so widespread more needed to be done. FDR created a short term fix and restored hope and confidence to American people, and so provided a platform for the American economy to fully recover and for trading to return to pre-crash levels. However the ultimate reason for capitalism in America being saved was when they joined World War 2- which created millions of jobs manufacturing arms for the allies, caused the unemployed to gain jobs on the front line, and to free up jobs for those who didn't go to fight.
More Disadvantages of the New Deal
4-Farmers didn't benefit a great deal from the New Deal. They disliked being controlled and dismissed their crops being burnt as useless (which was done to control over production). Droughts in the South during 1934/35 also were disasterous for American farmers, and so their problems were not fixed.
6- Black Americans barely benefitted from the New Deal, they were still persecuted and as working conditions improved, African Americans lost their jobs as they were deemed not high up enough in society to embrace them.
FDR Media Campaign
FDR had polio and this trait would likely be criticised by Americans as he would be seen as a poor president. However there was a strict media campaign where FDR's disease would be continually disregarded in the media. Whenever a photographer would attempt to take a photograph of him they would be forced to be deleted if they contained images of FDR struggling to stand up. Large tunnels would be created where he had to stand to hide his limping while being helped by relatives. This would increase the nation's confidence him in and therefore increase the successfulness of the New Deal.
My Opinion on the New Deal
In my opinion the New Deal was extremely successful and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an inspirational man. If it wasn't for his plan the American economy would still be struggling and it wouldn't be the amazing superpower it is today, and it shows how sometimes unextraordinary men can do extraordinary things. His death on April 12th 1945 was a sad day for all Americans, and unfortunately he didn't get to see how special his accomplishments were and how America finally turned out to be.
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