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Brent Tenopir

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Agriculture

How can researchers increase corn and soybean yield due to increasing population?
Brandon Navigato

Conventional Farming
Get top yield out of fields that don't usually reach top yield
Vertical Farming
Plant Genetics
Importance of Plant Genetics
Future family endangered?
From Chicago
Learning about agriculture.
Trying something new.
Question That Matters
Scott Gates
Brent Tenopir

Genetic Technology advancements using Computers and GPS for example.(Brunckhorst).
Breeding experiments more efficient. (Brunckhorst).
According to sciencesocieties.org, studies show that even with more nitrogen being applied to the soybean, grain yield did not increase.
This question has mattered to me ever since it was brought to my attention.
I am curious if there will be sufficient amount of food to provide to the increasing population.
Looking at the statistics it really fueled my passion for this topic.
This question has mattered to me since my ag teacher in 9th grade of HS brought it to my attention.
Learning how much farm ground we lose a year and how much cities are expanding has definitely driven my passion for this question.
I really hope that we are truly on track to solve this question because I don't wanna see the world starve, especially those I care about.
Work Cited

The best way
Over 1 million Acres of farmland Lost a Year
Corn Bushels have Increased From 180-220 Bushels Per Acre
1.4 bushels Per year Increase
Several Methods to Increase Yield
fertilizers, chemicals, Manure spreading, Proper Irrigation etc.
The yield will keep increasing if use products and improving management strategies
Must Continue to increase Yield
Why our question should matter to you?!
The Question Process
1) What changes will agriculture need to make with expanding cities, and an increase in population with less space to farm? How will we double Ag production by the year 2050?
Most advanced and Technologically enhanced farming tool.
Production rates of corn and soybeans have skyrocketed over the last ten years.
Less oil being used = healthier for the consumer. (Bohuslavsky)
Genetics have been stressed towards attaining a 300 bushel yield goal of corn, and 100 bushel yield of soybeans. (Bohuslavsky)

2) How will we increase Nebraska crop efficiency
with less farm ground due to enlarging cities?
3) How will producers increase corn and soybean yield in Nebraska with less farm ground due to accumulating land usage of cities?
4) How will researchers increase corn & soybean yield due increasing populations?
Dr. Kelly Brunkhorst (Right)
Executive Director for the Nebraska CornBoard
Dr. Victor Bohuslavsky (Top Left)
Executive Director for the Nebraska Soybean Board
Worked in the Soybean industry for 24 years.
14 years as Executive Director
Keith Glewen (Lower Left)
Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska Agriculture Research and Development Center.
Population Increase and Effects on Land

30 story building will feed 50k people.
Solar Panels
Elimination of weather related failures

Our original question keyed upon the population increase by 2050.
At the beginning of the year 2015, projections the population increases by 2,218,622 people.
Because of recent urban sprawl, people are being forced out of bigger cities into places where farming is dominant, and we lose that land to farm upon.
Why go Vertical?

Limited space to farm horizontally
Open new job market

Hand Pick

Drip tape
Combined effort
33% of ground farmed is in a metropolitan area.
Ceiling sprinkler style system

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