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ITB Library study guide: reading difficult material

A study guide for reading and understanding difficult material

ITB Library

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of ITB Library study guide: reading difficult material

Reading and understanding difficult material College students read a lot!

They read about new ideas and unfamiliar subjects

Long complicated pieces of text can be overwhelming Pre-read .......... Scan the text

.......... Look for headings, diagrams,
highlighted text boxes etc.

.......... This will help you to understand
the context Summary .......... Look for a short extract which . summarizes what you are about . to read

.......... Summaries usually contain the . . main points without all the detail Read the text .......... Read the whole article once

.......... Read to the end to put it in context

.......... Mark the difficult bits that you
will come back to later Use a dictionary! New words and concepts are at the heart of learning about a new subject

Don't guess the meaning, look it up. You'll waste a lot of time and energy if you don't understand

There are dictionaries in the library or if you prefer.... Understand as you go ..... As you read, stop once in a while to check
whether you are understanding

..... Is the meaning "going in"?

..... Close the book and repeat the
information in your own words Take notes! Persevere Re-read, using the hints above, until the meaning starts to become clear

Once you understand the information it will be so much easier to remember and re-use it Further Reading: http://www.cnc.bc.ca/Exploring/Services/Centre_for_Student_Success/Self_Help_Services/Reading/Reading_Difficult_Material.htm http://www.academictips.org/acad/literature/readingandhighlighting.html College of New Caledonia Academictips http://www.merriam-webster.com/ A free dictionary & thesaurus can be found online here: Here are some ideas which might help... ..... Sometimes our minds wander as we read

..... Taking notes can help us to focus

..... Include colour, diagrams, examples
or anything that helps you to make
sense of the information Stick it out! ITB Library ITB Library http://blanchlib.itb.ie
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