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Robinson Crusoe

No description

Bryan Bueno

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe
By Daniel Defoe
Queens Dock, Hull, England Robinson Crusoe An Everyman
Lust for the Sea
Parents deny
No known facial features
Family wealth unknown Recognition Marked the beginning of realistic fiction
Simple yet praised writing style
700 variations!
Library's named after it
Plaques in England
Best novel ever written? Daniel Defoe English Trader,Writer, journalist, and spy
Popularized novels in Britain
One of the founders of the English novel
More than 500 books!
Wrote about various topics
True Pioneer
Sweet haircut A voyage gone wrong Enslaved by pirates
Small Island
Plantation in Brazil
Sails out to sea again Crusoes Island Gods Punishment Only Survivor
Minimal Supplies
Questions God
No skill Why me? The Journal Convinced of his death Something to keep his sanity
The Bible
Honor of his crew mates death
Manages to hold his own Me and My Island Years Pass
Happy to be alone
Foot Prints
Help has arrived! Men overthrown
Crusoe is Hero
Promises to get boat Home at last 28 years in the island
5 years with Friday
Visits Church frequently
Becomes very wealthy

Themes Isolation

Evil Good I am cast upon a horrible,
desolate island, void of all
hope of recovery. But I am alive; and not
drowned,as all my ship's
company were. I am singled out and
separated, as it were, from
all the world, to be misera-
able. Bur I'm singled out too
from all the ship's crew,
to be separated from
death; and He that mirac-
ulously saved me from
death, can deliver me
from this condition.
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