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Case Study 2

Lecture on case study

Annie Prudhomme

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Case Study 2

What is a Case Study? A case study is a story with an educational objective. It’s a problem to solve.
● Teach a basic concept in molecular biology, using the lens of a particularly interesting example.
● Focus on molecular mechanism
● Practice the skills of science Goals of a Case Study Formats Interrupted Case Discussion PBL Intimate Debate JigSaw / Expert Groups Disputed Maternity Protected Against HIV Progressive disclosure (sections) Students do outside research. For topic with a controversy. Each student becomes an expert at one thing, and together they solve the problem. How to Write a Case Study 1. Pick a topic

2. Try to find the hook for your case

3. Write down your educational goal.

4. Select what type of case you are going to do
Disrupted Discussion Case
•Progressive disclosure
•Journal article case
•Movie case
•Note: NO Clicker or Power Point cases
Problem-Based Learning Case
JigSaw/Role play
Intimidate Debate Case

5. Brain storm all possible stakeholders. If possible, use real people involved in this topic

6. Select a character that is in the thick of the story (and one that may have a dilemma, a decision to make)

7. Select and assemble the materials that you will present.

8. Write the case
• Story

9. Test drive your case Elements of a Good Case Assignments Outline Draft Case Final Case 1. Descriptive title
2. Description of the topic
3. 3 chapters in textbooks
4. 10 review articles
5. 10 primary research articles
6. Other resources

All references should be in APA format. Case Study (Printed, 4 copies)
Final Case Study + Answer Key + Teaching Notes + Media + Articles
in one ZIPPED file

Final Case Study
Your final case as would be provided to students. This includes all written materials, including the case, discussion questions, and references.

Answer Key
In this separate document, you should copy all the questions that are part of your case. Below each question, write a detailed answer.

Teaching Notes
This summary should include the following sections:
•Background assumed.
•Goals (concepts).
•Goals (skills).
•Why this is an important or interesting case or topic.
•Additional Resources.
•Additional Instructions (optional).

If your case includes additional media (a Power Point file, a radio interview (as an MP3 file), or a brief movie clip, please include it here. Be sure to include its source in the reference section of your case.

Include ALL articles cited in your case (whether in your case or in your teaching notes) in PDF format. http://prezi.com/3kxiw4_yzbwg/case-study-2/ Case Study Database http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/projects/cases/ubcase.htm
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