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Career Development P3: Skills Audit

No description

Eve Hooper

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Career Development P3: Skills Audit

what skills are important?
In your groups think of at least 10 skills that you think are important to employers and why.
what is a skills audit?
In your groups come up with:
1. what you think a skills audit is
2. why you think it is important to conduct one

conducting a skills audit
It's a 5 stage process:

1. Existing skills and knowledge identification and supporting evidence.

2. Future skills and knowledge identification

3. Rating your ability

4. Review your ability ratings

5. Your future development

rating yourself
Step 5
You now need to put down where your rating needs to be if you are to be successful in developing the skills needed for your career goal
Employability = Employ + ability

That is the ability to be employed in
different jobs and workplaces.

Put together with 'skills' and it means:

having the right skill set needed to function effectively at work no matter what kind of work you are doing. i.e. they are
Written communication
Verbal communication
Team Working
Problem solving
Self-Awareness: improving own learning and performance
Research skills
Time management skills
A review of your existing skills against the skills
that you need both now and in the future
It will help you:
Identify your existing skills,
Plan, develop and improve the skills and knowledge needed for your future career

A Skills Audit is.......
work related/vocational skills:
specific to a certain job type
can only be developed through being in that job/profession
specialist, e.g. doctor, car mechanic
requires specific training
Organisation and Time Management
Are you:

able to organise your time so that you comfortably meet all of your deadlines for assignments?

keeping a diary or calendar so that you always know when you have to attend lectures, seminars and other key dates?

do you arrive on time for classes, appointments and meetings?

are you aware of the things that cause you to waste time and do you avoid them when you have work to complete?

do you have future targets in mind regarding your education (and career) and use them to help you focus on current tasks?
Team Work Skills
Are you able to:

build and develop working relationships with academic staff, peers and colleagues?

work effectively with others to complete tasks and achieve results?

recognise and understand when compromise and accommodating others is necessary?

interact well with others and work co-operatively as a team member?

understand how to gain the attention of others in a team or group when required?

have an understanding of team roles?

Problem solving skills
Are you able to:
make good use of verbal reasoning skills, able to handle complex data and make selective use of information?
explore more than one solution in order to solve a problem?
consider the ideas of others to help solve problems?
manage the process of problem solving over a period of time?

verbal communication skills
Are you able to
demonstrate that information being
received is understood by using a range of verbal and non-verbal signals
understand when people have
taken account of your views and you of theirs

written communication skills
Are you able to:
understand the differences in presenting
types of documents, e.g. reports, essays, dissertations, summaries?
check written work for errors before submission?
use a range of ICT packages to support work?
express and convey ideas appropriately and accurately in writing?
successfully give a presentation or demonstration?

vocational & work related skills
research skills
ict skills
commercial awareness
self awareness
action planning skills
flexibility & Adaptability skills
action planning skills
personal impact & confidence
Are you able to:
recognise and develop skills and competencies required for learning and future employment?
recognise the importance and value of activities outside the curriculum, e.g. work experience, sports, clubs?
identify when extra support and help may be useful?
understand how to gain feedback on work or performance?
establish a course of action for self and evaluate own performance?
set own goals and review these systematically?
review any gaps in understanding and knowledge?
find opportunities to enhance and develop transferable skills within and outside of the curriculum?

Are you able to:
develop opportunities for learning activities through current and future roles?
understand the importance of actively reviewing and maintaining your own development plan in order to set appropriate learning targets?
Are you able to:

work without supervision and use your own initiative?

devise own approaches to projects?

Are you able to:
maintain effectiveness in changing environments?
make appropriate adjustments when undertaking tasks?
keep track of work schedules and deadlines by applying multi-tasking abilities?
adjust to meet different work styles?

Are you able to:
maintain positive attitudes to work and understand when a task has not been completed well and identify changes for the future?
empower others to work together as part of a team or group?
express self effectively in a group and in one to one situations?

Are you comfortable using computers, including different applications in context?
do you understand how to use different software effectively?
are you able to keep up to date with current IT applications and how they can be used to enhance work?

Are you able to:
able to apply your business knowledge in everyday situations?
able to apply theory to practice where appropriate?

Do you have any specific work based skills?

Are you able to:
approach a project in a systematic, target-orientated manner?
plan how you are going to achieve a desired goal?
overcome obstacles in order to achieve a desired goal?
Are you able to:
independently seek out relevant information to inform your work?
identify good sources of information?
use a variety of resources from which to gain relevant information?
use information and cite and reference?
evaluate the effectiveness of different information sources?
make effective use of the library and internet resources?
understand how to present information within your academic context?
Do you have an awareness of the business world?
do you have an understanding of the economic climate of the UK and how this applies to the business world?
For each skill you have to rate your current level:

1 = low level in the skill: a great deal of development needed

2 = little development in this skill: an area to focus on improving

3 = reasonable development of this skill; but further development needed

4 = quite competent in this skill but there is room for improvement

5 = very competent in this skill, very little need for further development
Complete the table, putting down a rating for what level you need to achieve in each skill
You have now completed a skills audit:

reviewing your current skill set

identifying areas where you need to develop your skills for the future
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