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Five Ideas from the Past

Where did the United States get their ideas in the Constitution

Kevin Melloan

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of Five Ideas from the Past

Five Ideas from the Past Laws are Written Down People share the Power of Government People Elect Representatives to run their government If a government is bad, the people have a right to change it Government must be fair to all people What is a law? Rule made by a government which people must obey Why do People Need laws? To Protect People and their property and to help keep order Hammurabi's Code - Ancient Babylon laws were written down so everyone could read them and know what they may do, what they may not do and what they must do Democracy - Ancient Greece revolted against their dictator and set up an assembly where everyone had a say so in the decisions (direct democracy) Representative Democracy (Republic) all voters have some say in the government when they elect their representatives
Iroquois Nation - five tribes chose representatives for their tribal meetings and then sent representatives to a larger council that included everyone. Each tribe had one vote. If they didn't do a good job, they were removed. England - King had too much power -
he could make decisions that may or
may not be fair. The nobles forced King
John to sign the Magna Charta (Great Charter)
in 1215 which gave nobles a share of the
government. They later developed Parliament,
a group that would give advice to the king.
All of this combined to produce the
United States Constitution which established
a representative democracy, guaranteed the rights of citizens,
and separated power among different branches of government. England also developed the English Bill of Rights in 1689 which limited the power of the monarchy and protected the rights of the people
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