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No description

karissa mccomb

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Helidermatidae

Helodermatidae By: Karissa
Andra Classification kingdom- anamalia
phylum- chordata
class- reptilia
order- squamata
family- helodermatidae
genus- heloderma
species- h. suspectum
Anatomy 18-24"
broad head
black snout
small round scales that look like beads
black with pattern of pink, orange, or yellow

Meaning of Heloderma greek halos
a nail or stud derma
refers to the rough texture of the skin

What Gila Monsters Eat small birds and mammals
carrion How they get their food. use tounge and taste to find food
swollow food whole
break open eggs
Reproduction Late April to early June
Females lay 2 to 12 leathery eggs underground
eggs hatch 10 months later
hatchlings looks like their parents but smaller

Where it lives Arizona, Mexico, southeastern corner of california, southern tip of Nevada, and the southwestern tips of Utah and New Mexico.
Desert dwellers or rocky foothills
Can live in elavations up to 5,ooo ft. Defense Vemous - inserted when it bites
Open mouth wide and hiss
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