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Untitled Prezi

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Danielle Freedman

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Will fight to save the ones he loves
Will fight for a good cause
Takes risks
Physically reacts to an attack without thinking
Shrek Archetypes Danielle F Shrek Loves to be outside with nature
Values women and children
Stands up for her causes
Can be opinionated and thickheaded
Fiona Loves to play practical jokes
Is easygoing
Adventurous and inquisitive
Impulsive and reckless
Runs instead of fighting
Has a strong imagination
Is charming and playful
Donkey Challenges the hero with disapproval
Negative thinker

Lord Farquaad Ordinary world
Call to adventure
Meeting mentor
Crossing the threshold
Approach inmost cave
Road back home
Return with elixir
Ares Artemis Hermes Pessimist 12 Steps of a Hero Call to adventure Fairy tale creatures enter Shrek's swamp.

Shrek is sent on a quest to rescue the princess from the highest tower by Lord Farquaad Meeting the mentor Crossing the threshold Shrek decides to go and save the princess because he wants his swamp back in his possession Donkey is Shrek’s jokester mentor who leads him and helps him rescue Princess Fiona. Ordinary World We are introduced to Shrek’s world (his swamp) and what his life is like being and ogre Friends/Allies/Enemies Shrek is faced with the difficulty of dealing with Donkey and his immaturity; the princess and falling in love with her; and Lord Farquaad and his quest Approaching inmost cave Shrek goes to Farquaad and tells him that he has rescued the princess and would like his reward (this is after Shrek overhears Donkey and the princess talking about how impossible it would be for the princess to “love an ugly beast like him.” Ordeal Saving the princess; being an ogre; falling in love with the princess Reward Shrek gets his swamp back, and he gets to marry Princess Fiona; Fiona transforms into an ogre like Shrek. Road back home Farquaad is killed, Shrek and Fiona get to live happily together Resurrection Shrek and Fiona go back to their new home together Return with elixir Shrek and Fiona find true love Conclusion In my opinion, the filmmakers did do a good job in following the steps of a hero in regards to the character of Shrek.

I do believe the film is stronger because of that.

And yes, the film does indeed resonate with audience because of the archetypes and the journey.
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