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Philippe Celestin

on 14 November 2012

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By the end of the period you will be able to... PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE A prepositional phrase is a group of words that include a preposition and an object of the pronoun. PREPOSITIONS RALLY COACH Objects of Prepositions A preposition is a word that explains a specific relationship between words in a sentence.

Prepositions normally tell the reader

or HOW PREPOSITIONS AND PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES 1. Define what a preposition and prepositional phrase are.
2. Identify prepositions and objects of prepositions in a prepositional phrase. 1. THE WORDS ARE IN THE CIRCLE 2. AFTER NEW INFORMATION WE LOOK AT EXAMPLES 3. WE LEARN BY TRIAL AND ERROR 3 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES (A) A prepositional phrase
- starts with a preposition
- ends with the object of the pronoun. (B) There may be one or more descriptive words in a prepositional phrase (C) There can be more than one prepositional phrase in a sentence!! EXAMPLE: The boy sat beneath the tent happily enjoying his food. Starts with the preposition "Beneath" Ends with the noun WE HAVE A PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE!!! The boy sat beneath the magnificent tent happily enjoying his food. Notice how the descriptive word is inside the prepositional phrase ... that's ok because it is just describing! The boy sat beneath the magnificent tent happily enjoying his food while his sister played soccer. Here there are two prepositional phrases ... it's all good though!! This is the easy part ... The object of a preposition is the noun or pronoun that is explained by the preposition. The boy sat beneath the magnificent tent. As we watch ... 1. follow along the first half of the song
2. Circle AT LEAST 10 prepositions in the second half of the song LET'S READ THE COMMON PREPOSITIONS TOGETHER! Take 1 minute to complete the prepositional phrase activity in your lesson activities. We will review them as a class afterward. 1. Derquan plays basketball after school with the basketball team
2. I am going to the store with my evil twin sister
3. The bee flew in the window IF your name is called, you MUST come up and do your best.
While one person is completing the problem on the board everyone else must stay silent (OR YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE A PAR POINT) GROUND RULES ... You have 10 minutes to work with your partner to complete the Rally Coach activities.
You and your partner MUST work together to complete the problems
Both you and your partner will receive the same score
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