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The 6 Factors of Globalization

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Roland Roventa

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of The 6 Factors of Globalization

The 6 Factors of Globalization
By: David and Roland
Transportation of Goods
Time-Space Convergence
Mobile Phones
Rise of Internet
ICT - Information Communication Technology
Transnational Corporations
"To carry goods from one place to another"

The invention of new and improved transportation devices allowed faster, safer, and more efficient transportation of goods

Since the cost of transport lowered, you are now able to buy cheaper things from another country, with a large volume, and import them cheaply, without being needed to make your own products.
A lot of countries have large costs of production, such as electricity and gas, and people in those countries prefer to import

You start having access to products from different cultures and traditions, from different parts of the globe.
Transportation is the reason why times space convergence happened in the first place.

The both put together gave anyone the possibility of long distance trips, which brought cultural and good exchanges.
Time/Space convergence refers to the decline in the time you travel between locations. This is the outcome of the technological revolution.

It takes less and less time for people to travel. In the past century people rarely left their country, but today everybody wants to have vacations, especially long distance ones.

Due to the increased aerial transportation, people a now able to go different countries, and explore different cultures, and influence the existent culture.
"portable device for connecting to a telecommunications network in order to transmit and receive voice, video, or other data"

The spread of cell phones dramatically increased beginning in the past decade, making everybody able to communicate with anybody.

Before, people needed to use special underground lines to communicate, and that not only had a large cost, but it also was very complicated.
Time/Space Convergence increased the physical transport, and also made it possible.

Mobile phones allowed you to communicate faster, and cheaper with other countries/continents.

This made countries more globalized as a whole due to the fact that now they could communicate and visit other countries.
"a system that has revolutionized communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect"

The internet allows you to meet new people, and also have your words heard throughout the globe. Anybody can find and needed information through the internet, from different countries and authors.

The internet dramatically changed the business world and mass media. It allows companies to improve their productivity, due to the increased speed of access to information and to electronic transactions.
The rise of the internet was able to happen as easily as it did due to the already doing such a thing with mobile phones. Hooking up different countries to each other for better communication.
"All technology used to handle telecommunications"

While ICT develops, the ideas as spread rapidly throughout the globe showing globalization and interconnectedness of countries.
Now we ask you

Without the rise of internet ICT wouldn't have been so large. Without mobile phones, the rise of internet wouldn't have been that large either.

You can see how they all relate to one another and lead to one another.
ICT - Rise of Internet
"any corporation that is registered and operates in more than one country at a time"

When all the previous steps were made, the transnational corporations were able to be made.
ICT - Transnational Corporations
As the ICT allowed a faster technological and informational spread, transnational corporations took advantage of this.
Transportation - Time/Space Convergence
Mobile Phones - Rise of Internet
Time-Space Convergence - Mobile Phones
Transnational Corporations - Transportation
Transnational Corporations were able to be made due to everything that build upon transportation.

Without transportation, corporations wouldn't be able to transport their goods. Transportation was one of the building pillars of globalization.
Transportation of Goods
Time-Space Convergence
Mobile Phones
Rise of Internet
Transnationals Corporations
Case-Study: Apple
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Global Affairs
Transportation of goods
Time/Space Convergence
Mobile Phones
Rise of Internet
Transnational Corporations
Transportation got so cheap so that it's cheaper to send iPhones by air than by sea. This is only due to the globalization and what effects it had on transport.

A Triple-E, in one trip could take 182 million iPhones. This would take 25 days and 530,000 gallons of fuel. Roughly 0.003 gallon per iPad.

A 777, can take 450,000 iPhones and cost roughly 242,000$ to transport.
If you do the math, it is cheaper to transport using airplanes, than using sea, in this case.

Firstly, the time-space convergence didn't only allow people to move to places further away, but it also allowed goods to travel with a faster speed.

What the time/space convergence did is to transit a set of national-state economies into one global economy.

Due to the evolution in time/space convergence, Apple had the opportunity yo switch to production in China.

First of all, mobile phones revolutionized large companies such as Apple by making communication faster and easier than ever.

In this instance, the mobile phones since they were so widespread, due to globalization, gave other companies (Apple) the opportunity to improve the existing mobile phones. Apple when mobile phones were invented only created desktops and at that time they started investing into the research of mobile phones and the creation of a operating system, which led to the iOS.
ICT has transformed how companies run their business. The technology allowed Apple, and other companies, to automate most manual operations. This didn't only lead into a faster production, but also faster transport and much more.

This allowed apple to create on single iPhone in just 24 hours. If you think about it, that is quite fast. They also minimized the work force, so the production did not only get faster, but also faster.

Today, you can't even explain how much businesses rely on the internet. Companies such as apple manage the inventories, warehouses, distribution routes, and sales through the internet.

This not only helped Apple with the things stated above, but it increased their sales, due to the fact that most people order Apple products over the internet.

The rise of the internet created a large number of opportunities to everybody out there, mostly to the companies.
All of the Globalization indexes presented before, lead to a transnational corporation. Without them, it would have been much harder to have such corporations and the whole world would have been different.
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