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Asking Questions of Low Expectancy Students

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Ashley Jackson

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Asking Questions of Low Expectancy Students

Asking Questions of Low Expectancy Students
Marzano's DQ 9; Element 40 By, Ashley Jackson Student Evidence Video of Design Question # 9 by Dr. Marzano According to the research, teachers tend to ask higher-order thinking questions more frequently to students that are labeled as "high" level learners, and ask fewer and lower-leveled questions of students that are labeled as "low"... Marzano's Expectation of Teacher Evidence Teachers will ask questions of low expectancy students with the same frequency and depth as with high expectancy students.

**Real-life classroom application:
Use popsicle sticks with students' names written on them to randomly call on all students, engaging all students to participate everyday.
*Be sure to give "wait time" after asking a question. Teacher can come back to the student after they've been given more wait time. *When asked, students will say the teacher expects everyone to participate.

*When asked, students will say the teachers asks difficult questions of every student. https://www.effectiveeducators.com/resource/show/4e2d8efe5d17508eb1089a96
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