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Cloud Atlas/ Final

No description

Kirsten Geracitano

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Atlas/ Final

The Directors Star Cast Notable Film Magic Theme&Purpose Being Worthy Personal Love Directed by: Andy & Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer Released October 26, 2012 from Warner Bro's Studio Novel by (auteur): David Mitchell The Wachowski's, known famously for The Matrix and V for Vendetta! Tom Tykwer, writer, composer and producer, is mainly known for Run Lola Run.
The Wachowski's are some of the top directors in Hollywood, combined with Tykwer's writing genius and David Mitchell's (author) extraordinary vision, make an ambitiously creative and amazing team, which is exactly what a movie like Cloud Atlas, needed. Really, what made them all qualified for the directing this movie was their mutual deep understanding of the novel and desire and determination to make it come to life. Genre(S) To vaguely categorize this film's genre, would be saying its a drama/ sci-fi film.
But really Cloud Atlas, is every genre because of its multiple storyline meshed into one. Drama, action, thriller, horror, romance, suspense, mystery, futuristic, sci-fi... "Genre defying" Its important to the story that cast members play multiple roles. So the six main characters each had about 5-7 roles. Tom Hanks: Dr. Henry Goose / Hotel Manager / Isaac Sachs / Dermot Hoggins / Cavendish Look-a-Like Actor / Zachry
Halle Berry: Native Woman / Jocasta Ayrs / Luisa Rey / Indian Party Guest / Ovid / Meronym
Jim Broadbent: Captain Molyneux / Vyvyan Ayrs / Timothy Cavendish / Korean Musician / Prescient 2
Hugo Weaving: Haskell Moore / Tadeusz Kesselring / Bill Smoke / Nurse Noakes / Boardman Mephi / Old Georgie
Jim Sturgess: Adam Ewing / Poor Hotel Guest / Megan's Dad / Highlander / Hae-Joo Chang / Adam (Zachry's Brother-in-Law)
Doona Bae: Tilda / Megan's Mom / Mexican Woman / Sonmi-451 / Sonmi-351 / Sonmi Prostitute The two main-main actors, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, are both highly respected and talented, Oscar winning actors.Tom Hanks was also one of the only passionate people who fought to revive the film's budget.

The whole film was shot with two parallel filming units, one under the helm of Tom Tykwer and the other under the direction of the Wachowski siblings, sharing no crew members beside the cast and the directors themselves.
One of the few films in history that has three directors working together as an original team who equally share directing credit. One of the signature effects the Wachowski's are known for is the Bullet time technique, seen mastered in The Matrix, and is also used in Cloud Atlas. The incredible special effects makeup is worth noting. All cast members have several roles in the film, spanning different times, races and even sexes. This was achieved through prosthetics, wardrobe and tight production times to switch actors between units. Everything is connected: an 1849 diary of an ocean voyage across the Pacific; letters from a composer to his friend; a thriller about a murder at a nuclear power plant; a farce about a publisher in a nursing home; a rebellious clone in futuristic Korea; and the tale of a tribe living in post-apocalyptic Hawaii, far in the future. General Plot The Money Making Opening Weekend: $9,612,247
Total Domestic Gross: $27,108,272
Worldwide/Everything Gross: $124,216,094 Production overhead – Studios, on average, calculate production overhead by using a figure around 15% of total production costs.
Distribution overhead – Film distributors typically keep 30% of what they receive from movie theaters ("gross rentals").
Marketing overhead – To determine this number, studios usually choose about 10% of all advertising costs. Climax: When the identity of Somni is revealed What you actually get with Cloud Atlas is six different movies, each with its own unique look and context, that are cut together in a way to form connections that may or may not only be in your head. With just a few important adjustments to the way we are used to having movies unfold (in terms of casting, structure, production design), the Wachowskis and Tykwer have made a film which you've never seen before. Potential is unlocked, possibilities are opened, and minds are blown. Thats what makes it worthy of being remembered and valued as a work of art. "Literally all of the main characters, except one, are reincarnations of the same soul in different bodies throughout the novel identified by a birthmark...that's just a symbol really of the universality of human nature. The title itself "Cloud Atlas," the cloud refers to the ever changing manifestations of the Atlas, which is the fixed human nature which is always thus and ever shall be. So the book's theme is predacity, the way individuals prey on individuals, groups on groups, nations on nations, tribes on tribes. So I just take this theme and in a sense reincarnate that theme in another context.."
-David Mitchell Ending: Warning Adam that his life would amount to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean, Adam replied to his father, "Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?" Then the movie ends far into the future showing uncivilized happiness and hope through family and love. SPOILERS "Everything is connected" Sources:
wikipedia.com Cloud Atlas was by the far the best movie of 2012, in my opinion. It's one of the most beautiful movies I've ever even seen. I loved how it confused me, intrigued me, tickled me, scared me, and just made me...feel. It's ability to tell six different stories, yet keeping them all unified with each other was impressive and meaningful. The actors involved prove to be highly talented and dedicated, the music was heartwarming and the story and message was tear jerking. It pushed cinematic boundaries and I left the theatre sobbing.
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