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Food Chain

No description

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Food Chain

The acorn is produced by a tree that uses sunlight to produce food.
Food Web
Changes in the Food Web
This chipmunk is a primary consumer because its adapted to eating acorns.
Primary Consumer
Secondary Consumer
This fox is a secondary consumer because it feeds on plant-eating animals (primary consumers).
A carnivore that feeds on other carnivores are teritiary consumers. This wolf feeds on the remains of animals. Also it kills it's own prey.
Tertiary Consumer
If you eliminate the fungi from the food web, parts that are left from the organism's body will not decay and the organism's body cannot be used as fertilizer for growing plants. Leaving herbivores and carnivores with no food. This will also leave no oxygen for organisms.
No More Fungi
Lions, Lions, and More Lions Oh My!!!!
A drought has came in the habitat of the wilderness. It caused the green grass to die out. The herbivores have no food resources. They have died. The death of the herbivores brought death upon carnivores, but the carnivores might survive off the dead herbivores. then the herbivores will decompose and the carnivores will now die.
The Savannas of Africa
Exploring Ecology
The Fungi is breaking down the remains of the chipmunk.
If the population of lions were to increase, the lions would over eat and cause an extinction of one of more species. Then, there would be no more food resources and cause a lion extinction.
The Savannas of Africa is a grassland where the climate is very warm but cool when needed. The Jackelberry Tree and the Whistling Thorn are major plants in this biome. Animals that live hear are gazels, lions, prarie dogs, chettahs, hyenas, African Elephants, crocordiles, Nigriceps Ants, Black Mamba, African Wild Dogs, and zebras.
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