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Death Note

No description

Rahman Salihie

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Death Note

Death Note
Japanese manga series
written by Tsugumi Ohba
illustrated by Takeshi Obata
It centers on a high school student named Light Yagami
discovers a supernatural notebook
that grants him the ability to kill
for his own kind of justice
in a lesson,Light looked out of a window and noticed a note
it was a Death Note that a shinigami named Ryuk has dropped
at first he did not believe that the rules wich are written in the Death Note,based on reality
he read it in passing while studying for school
he was interested but he did not take it seriously
by the way he noticed from the TV that a criminal caged some innocent hostages
only of curiosity he wrote the name of the kidnapper in the Death Note
and the story took his run...
our opinion
by Naasser Rahman Salihie
and Sertan Sahin

Light Yagami
Death Note
our opinion
excellent student
very smart
exaggerated sense of justice
great love for the world
abhors all evil in the world
but can handle that
Lights nickname
given by the people
nobody knows who ''Kira'' is
gets a lot of criticism
kills evil people as punishment for their sins
is a world-famous detective
real name is ,,Lawliet´´
only communicates with the world through his assistant Watari
never shows his face to the world
takes on the challenge of catching the serial killer who is just known as ''Kira''
becomes suspicious of Light Yagami

Death Note
supernatural notebook
name is written in this note shall die
writer has to know the victim´s face in their mind
Victim will die within the next 40 seconds of writing his/her name
if you dont write a specific death reason then the victim will die of a heart attack within the next 40 seconds after writing his name
details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds
The human who uses the notebook can neither go to Heaven or Hell
is a Shinigami
gives Light Yagami a Death Note
was bored with the activities of the Shinigami Realm
dropped a Death Note into the Human World for someone to find
to amuse himself
is found by Light
who is leading to his attempt to rid the world of evil, and easing Ryuk's boredom
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