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Jane Eyre

No description

paula errazuriz

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Charlotte bronte Characters:
Jane Eyre Edward Rochester Helen Burns Adele Varens Blanche Ingram John Rivers Love and Pasion Jane Eyre is a love story love and passion together form a major thematic element of the novel. Obstacles get in the way of the fulfillment of love, this provides the main dramatic confilct of the story We can see some of the consequences of the absence of love, as in the relationship between Jane and Mrs. Reed, in the selfish relations among the Reed children, and in the mocking marriage of Rochester and Bertha. Jane realizes that the absence of love between herself and St. John Rivers would make their marriage a living death, too.
Brontë suggests that a life that is not lived passionately is not lived fully Jane undoubtedly is the central passionate character; her nature is shot through with passion. No love and Passion Reed's rules restrict all passion. Rochester marries with mrs. Rochester withought love, but yet passion Blanche Ingram feels no passion for Rochester; she is only attracted to the landowner because of his wealth and social position There is a clear presence of love when finally Rochester and Jane get married
Brontë suggests that a life that is not lived passionately is not lived fully. refuses to live by Mrs. Reed's rules, which would restrict all passion. Her defiance of Mrs. Reed is her first, but by no means her last, passionate act. An orphan young girl who searchs for a family and care. clergyman who wants to marry Jane and go togather to India Jane´s best friend,
she dies very young. The owner of the castle were Jane works, they are in love. Rochester fionce. Janes pupilat the mansion.
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