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High School Teacher: U.S. History

No description

Megan Pearson

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of High School Teacher: U.S. History

My Dream Job
High school teachers in the U.S. have a median salary of $57,200
Teachers' attire requirements differs from school to school. However, most teachers wear casual professional outfits.
Plan curricula and develop interesting lesson plans
Hold student and parent counseling
Make class rules
Lecture and discuss about historical concepts, as well as prepare materials
Administer tests and conduct progress reports
High School Teacher: U.S. History
Previous Experience
I currently am a math tutor for the company
Proof of my nerdy childhood love
I grew up loving history and American Government
I love the school environment
I want to give back to the community
I enjoy leading a classroom
Why High School History?
History teachers need at least a bachelors degree in history, social studies, education, or another related area.
They are required to study classes in history, economics, education, and English.
Teachers usually must meet state licensing and certification requirements; this often requires taking exams.
These regulations vary by state.
I work with students on a regular basis
I am learning appropriate teaching techniques
I am learning how to create a positive learning environment
South Dakota (Lowest Average Salary): $39,018
New York (Highest Average Salary): $75,279
Utah's Average Salary: $49,393
U.S. Teaching Salary Statistics:
Works Cited
Though the hiring process for teachers depends on the district or the state, the main employer is the school principal.
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