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English9B-Course Expectations and Overview

No description

kristin smith

on 6 July 2017

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Transcript of English9B-Course Expectations and Overview

English 9B-Course Expectations and Overview
Final Grade Breakdown
Projects - 30%
(Projects may be revised for higher grades)
Discussion Boards - 15%
Synchronous/Asynchronous Sessions - 15%
Checkpoints - 10%
Exams - 10%
(study guides provided/retakes are available upon request)
Final exam - 15%
(retakes are available upon request IF time permits)
Workbooks - 5%
**You have more than one attempt in ALL categories!**
Keys to
Stay on Schedule:

Calendar is the most important document! Found in email, message and course announcements.

-attend synchronous session each week or complete the recorded session each week.

-contact me asap with any questions or concerns!!

Read messages and teacher notes.
Projects - 30%
Exams - 20%
Discussions*** - 15%
Participation*** - 10%
Close Reading - 5%
Checkpoints - 5%
Final exam - 10%
Workbooks - 5%
***Should earn full credit!
Weekly Synchronous Sessions 15%

Complete one session per week!
Tuesdays at 9am. Recordings provided later in the week.
Must complete both the individual work AND the exit ticket

Discussion Boards
15% 0f overall grade
1. One discussion board per lesson.
2, Post approximately 5-6 sentence
per discussion board
for full credit!!
3. Complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
4. Full credit is 20% per lesson = 100% per unit.

You can add to discussion boards until you have 100%!!!
and Checkpoints
Checkpoints (10% of grade): Take 3 times.
Workbooks (5% of grade): Can take as many times as you like.
Exams 10%
Final Exam 15%

Use study guides provided in teacher notes!
You can request retakes on exams,
including the final exam! Just send me a message or give me a call.

You must finish the final exam early in order to receive a retake!!

Late Policy
Refer to Pacing Calendar!
Extension Policy
To be considered for an extension, you must have ALL of these criteria as well as an extreme circumstance showing why you were unable to do all of the work in this course:

·         You must have AT LEAST a 50% weighted (final grade) grade in the course.
·         You must have done AT LEAST 3 of your projects. Blank submissions do not count. This means 5 full paragraphs and your sources cited correctly!
·         You must have ALL of your discussions done. You cannot skip those and expect that to count.
·         Consistent weekly progress. Working a week and taking a week off is NOT consistent with being successful! If you simply chose to not start working on this course until a few weeks in, and are struggling to finish, that is not a reason to deserve an extension either as you made that choice.

·         You must have communicated with me throughout the block. If your first attempt at communicating with me is your request for more time, I do not think you will get what you are looking for.

·         You must have attended at least 3 adobe sessions and earned your participation points for 3 weeks of this class.


You have 7 days after the date the project is due on the pacing calendar to turn in a project with no penalty. On day 8, the project is now considered LATE and will be worth half-credit. For example, if you turn Project 1 one week after it is due, you will only get half credit (if you would have scored an 80%, you will receive a 40%).

9B Projects
Plagiarism Policy
All essays are run through a program to check for originality.

Lessons 11 and 30-Submit
Literature Study Responses

Unit 3 - Close Reading-excerpt from Aldous Huxley’s
Brave New World

Unit 4 - Digital Folio - Romeo and Juliet

Unit 5 - Compare/Contrast Analysis-Romeo and Juliet

Unit 6 - Revise "Perfect World" essay from Lesson 1
9B Projects
Unit 1 Project 1 - Digital Narrative(begin in Lesson 2)

Unit 2 Project 2 – Travel Brochure

Unit 3 – No Project!

Unit 4 - Digital Folio

Unit 5 - No Project!

Unit 6 - Perfect World Essay (revise Writing Sample)
Getting Started:
1. Check messages
2. Send response to this recording to earn Week 1 Participation credit
3. Complete one lesson per course (start with My Success, if you have it)
Donner Party Daily Reading
Complete daily reading
Write 5-7 sentence daily summary
Do NOT use journal form provided-save in document instead.
Save summaries in Lessons 10, 20, and 30-counts as a Project!
2. Projects are submitted at the END of the unit.
3. You will need to upload file for project
4. All projects will receive feedback and another attempt.
You may submit revisions for a higher grade!!

Important Info
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 10:00am
Monday - Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm
Updated weekly in messages, and course announcements
Phone: 480-498-6087
Email: kristin.smith@primaveratech.org

The system always keeps your highest score!!
Project 1 Instructions:
You will need to upload a file to submit your project in Lesson 5.
If your project is accessed through a link, create a document, paste your link on the document, then upload the document in Lesson 5.
Exit Ticket:
Full transcript