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The Value of Museums

No description

Elizabeth Trever

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of The Value of Museums

| | | VALUE How Can We... Museums of The identify and communicate the value of the education and educational programs that museums provide to stakeholders? How can we imbed museum learning right into the NYS school curriculum and the minds of our community members? Identify the big issues or challenges to museum education. How can museums overcome the challenges you’ve outlined? Keeping in mind best practices, how can you successfully implement some of these ideas you have come up with and overcome big challenges?
Schools Communities "History to Go" Teacher education Kids Discover the Trail - Cultural Institutions as part of the community Attention to teachers' accommodations Colleges Connect to Lifelong learning Mural
Student led exhibitions
Faculty communication
Original research opportunities
Classes in the museum
Allowing students to see the variety of career opportunities in museums Be aware of course offerings every semester Social events - break down preconceptions Artwork as a source for research and papers Young professionals Offering a forum for young professionals to come together and have an exchange Happy Hour Contextualize Imparting a sense of space and place Lifelong Learners Intergenerational Learning outside of formal setting Voluntary Audience-driven activity Social dimension Find ways to be relevant to the public of today Host community events Families Maintaining educational focus Cost of programs Evaluation and feedback Marketing - How do you get your event noticed? Everyday education v. programming Children's trail through the museum Unplugging events Elementary Evaluations Outreach - is free programming Paid programming - Offsite visits Bussing grants - foundation or corporate support Distance learning After-school programming Connect with education professors College Stay up-to-date on social technologies Prove importance of the object Sketch art Sending teasers out into other places at the campus Co-teaching/co-learning Student docents Develop internal resources -
- artist educators
- community support
- interns Develop advocates on college campuses Storytelling Deepening of experience - let the museum stay with your visitors Telling a story in all the different ways you can tell a story. Lifelong learners Perceptions of cliquishness Internal motivation Networking Happy Hour Welcoming environment Multiple audiences Crowded landscape of choices Scheduling Weather predictability Choose the right timing Feed your audience Be attentive to the stages of development from childhoos through all stages of adulthood MUST BE
FUN FUN FUN Accommodating and comfortable environment for everyone in the family Pre-packed activity, accessible and ready to go Marketing! Activities must be known to community Collaborate with local non-profits and other arts organizations Facebook page that links all events and times Parent advisory committee Elementary/Secondary
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