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No description

Amy Yeung

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of KFC

1990's Relationship to the decade By: Amy, Julia and Melaina KFC Commercials Persuasive Techniques 2010's Relationship to Decade 2000's Target Audience Setting Visuals Sound Humour Catchy Slogan Plain Folks - adults and youth in general
- people who have chocked on
bones before
-parents who do not want their kids
to choke on their bones
-those who want to "cheat: on their
diet - the dad freaking out Persuasive Techniques Using white meat and skinless chicken
- healthy eating trend #iatethebones
- Social media is now trending Logos -makes sense to eat
chicken without the bones Relationship to Decade Target Audience Sound Analysis Visual Analysis Slogan - bright lighting
-background is a dull colour, but
actors are wearing bright coloured
-slow down when they cut the first piece
of chicken
-smoke coming out of the chicken
-appears that the dad does not cook often -emphasize on the dad chewing
the chicken
-girl sounds eager when she
is talking to her dad
-the narrator sounds like he has
a solution to the dad's problem -kitchen
-no music Target Audience - Parents and teenagers Visual Analysis - shows a teenager
-Lighting was happy with a lot of colours
-A lot of happy kids playing around
- The voice was young, fast and enthusiastic
- Happy children in the background
- Logos- the teen was talking about the cheap deal
- Pathos- he said that it made the kids and himself happy
- Plain folks- shows a babysitter with kids running around Sound Analysis Persuasive Techniques Our Commerial It's a cheap deal because everything is getting more expensive Comparison 1990 to 2000 2000 to 2013 How good is that! Snob Appeal There are elegant and rich people that are hungry for KFC Sense Appeal The smokes from the chicken appeals to smell and stimuates the audience's hunger Setting An upper class business cocktail party - bright lighting
-elegant-dressed people in the background
-background and the actors are wearing professional and plain colour, but the man eating KFC is wearing red and blue clothing
-blurred out background to focus on actor and the bucket
-slow down when the bucket appears
-smoke coming out of the chicken -emphasize on the person chewing
the chicken
-the background music changes from plain to happy
-the people in the background are cheering and singing for the peoduct
-the narrator sounds bored in the beginning and excited when the chickens come out - adults and teenagers in general
- people who are hungry for delicious tastes and original chicken
-parents who want to eat well and spend less money
-people who love KFC and chicken Junk food and taking out are two big trends in the 2000s. The convenient chicken bucket appeals to both of the trends. By following the fashion, consumers will be pleased - they both have 10 piece meal deal
- the lighting is the same (bright)
- the actors are both male Similarities Differences - a bit more diversity
- the actor is a completely different age in 2000
- less items featured in the meal deal for 2000 than what 1990 had -actors way more fatter before
-price is higher
-pieces are smaller
-slogan changes
-logo stays the same
-lighting are all very bright Commercial's Effect - makes people more cautious they eat chicken wings Many adults do not have time to cook, so they eat take out. Zoom in on the chicken, people nowadays
are more concerned about the foods they
are eating There is a binder open with notes beside
the dad, this implies that many adults have
to work more than one job and study as well. Repitition "original recipe" 1990 to 2013 Actors in the commercial 1990 2013 Emphasis on the chicken 1990 2013 Increase in price 1990 2013 Tax 1990 2013 No background noise
distractions in the 2013
commercial The male figure was portrayed the same (CLUELESS) 1990 2013
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