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human rights

No description

katelin beaumont

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of human rights

What are Human Rights?
The 30 Human Rights
The 30 Human Rights
Our Human Rights
The 30 Human Rights
The 30 Human Rights
1.The right to live

2.We were all born free and equal.

3. We have freedom of religions

4. We all deserve to be treated with dignity

5. Don’t discriminate.

6. No slavery
7. No torture

8. You have rights no matter where you go

9. We are all equal before the law

10. Your human rights are protected by the law

11. No unfair detainment

12. The right to trial
The 30 Human Rights
13. We are always innocent until proven guilty

14. The right to privacy

15. The right to move

16. The right to seek for a safe place to live

17.The right to a nationality

18. The right to marriage and family
19. The right to your own things

20. Freedom of thought

21. Freedom of expression

22. The right to public assembly

23. The right to democracy

24. The right to social security
25. Workers rights

26. The right to play

27. The right for all to have food and shelter

28. Copyright

29. The right to a fair and free world

30. No one can take away your human rights
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