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No description

Cagla Barutcu

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of TURKEY

rebublic was proclaimed at 1920
first Constitution was established at 1923
America - Turkey Relationships
Turks had 16 Great Empires
Republic Of Turkey
The Country and The People
Population :80 million
Largest City is Istanbul with 13.255.685
My City ( Adana ) : 2.085.225
Capital : 4.771.716

total: 783,562 sq km
country comparison to the world: 37
land: 769,632 sq km
water: 13,930 sq km

The Languages
Turkish is the 21th most spoken language in the world by 84 million
The languages spoken in turkey :
Turkish (offical), Kurdish, Azeri
The Great Hun Empire ; 204 BC - 216 AD
The Western Hun Empire ; 48 - 216 AD
The European Hun Empire ; 375 - 454
The White Hun Empire; 420 - 552
The Gökürk Empire ; 552 - 743
The Avar Empire ; 562 - 796
The Hazar Empire ; 602 - 1016
The Uygur State ; 740 - 1335
The Karahan ; 932 - 1212
The Gazneli ; 962 - 1183
The Great Seljuk Empire ; 1040 - 1157
The Harzemshah ; 1077 - 1231
The Golden Horde ; 1224 - 1502
The Great Timur Empire ; 1369 - 1501
The Babür Empire ; 1526 - 1858
The Ottoman Empire (Osmanlı İmparatorluğu); 1299 - 1922
Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire was established in 1299 and ended in 1923 .
Ottoman empire had 36 kings the youngest one was 12 when he was at the administration .
Ottoman Art
Ottoman Architecture
hagia sophia and blue mosque
It is the only city that is present in both Asia and Europe. The two sides of the city are connected by 2 bridges with a third under construction.
Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest markets in the world with 61 covered streets and more than 3.000 shops. Grand Bazaar has 250.00 to 400.00 visitors daily.
Sumela monastery 2 and half times taller than Empire State building
Troy (Canakkale)
Turkish Cuisine
Grand Bazaar
Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom)
Built in 532 AC as a an Greek Orthodox Church
after Ottoman's took control of city they added the towers and turned into a mosque. So this is so cool to see Jesus figures and Islamic verses at the same time.
It's also the oldest cathedral in the earth.
Turkish Coffee
Turkish Tea
Galata Tower
Blue Mosque
Council on Foreign Relations in April 2010, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu called bilateral ties a “modeled partnership…not an ordinary strategic partnership, something special.” American officials also praise Turkey effusively. “Turkey is a vital and strategic partner of the United States,” Condoleezza Rice declared on April 15, 2008. Paul Wolfowitz often spoke of an “indispensable partnership” between Washington and Ankara. Not only John Kerry, but also Condoleezza Rice and James Baker visited Turkey during their first trips abroad as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton did not, but she made it to Turkey on her second foreign trip. President Barack Obama himself has identified Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as one of the few foreign leaders with whom he has developed “friendships and the bonds of trust.”
Turkey's Economy Compare the World
Turkey is 17th largest country by economy
3rd at fresh fruit and vegetables 6th at textile and 11th at technological products
Turkey is 6th country in the world by most visitors
Lets Learn Turkish
merhaba Hello

nasilsin ? How are you

tesekkurler thank you

seni seviyorum I love you

adin ne ? What is your name ?

benim adim cagla my name is cagla

Turkey has the first place in the terms of hard-shell nuts.
Turkey is 7th with cotton and wheat productions .
High quality handmade carpets are
one of the most famous items.
Legislative Power : Turkish Grand National Assembly (members elected in 4 years terms )
Executive Power : President and Council of Ministers
Judicial Power : Independent courts on be half of the Turkish Nation and supreme judiciary organs .
President and Prime Minister
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