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health rst

No description

ann duong

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of health rst

Rich Summative Task
By // Ann Duong
Active Self
Personal Self
Social Self
Spiritual Self
Me and my cousins
Me and my sister
Me and my friends
Me and my family
Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship
- Buddha
the end
reflection questions
As an active person, I participate in gym class, do yoga, and watch YouTube
workout videos. Last year I hardly ever participated in gym and my goal this year
was to actually try in physical education which I did and had a huge
improvement. I went from a 68% to an 80%. At home, I like to workout using YouTube videos.
I like to watch YouTube videos rather than go to the gym or exercise on my own because I am busy will school work and those videos are only 5-10 minutes long which does not take that much of my time and they make me feel good once I have completed them. Somedays I do yoga and other days I do cardio or muscle workouts, my favorite person to watch is Blogilates. Cassey Ho (the Blogilates person) does multiple type of videos such as cardio workouts, ab workouts, leg workouts etc, I do not workout to lose weight or anything, I work out to make myself feel good and have a healthier body.
1a. I am a healthy, active person as demonstrated in the following ways.
Some other activities/hobbies I really enjoy are watching YouTube and Netflix, shopping, writing, organizing, and blogging. Shopping is really the only time I walk a lot, I can walk for hours on hours buying clothes, it is beneficial since I get to buy things I like and get around 4 hours of walking. I love writing and english is one of my favorite subjects, I love writing because I get to express my opinion and writing relaxes me. I also love to organize everything whether it is my room, the house or my binders. If you have not noticed, I love highlighting and making my notes look pretty and neat. Finally I am in love with blogging. I have a tumblr which I blog pretty pictures, I love tumblr because my blog is a compilation of pictures I like in a collage form; whatever mood I’m in I always feel happy when I look at my blog.

1b. Besides what you wrote in question 1a, what other activities/hobbies do you really enjoy?
I included these pictures representing myself in all these four categories because each and every picture represents me whether it represents me in the past, present or future. For example, in active self the picture that represents me the most is taekwondo because I have done it for about six years and although I took a break from taekwondo, it defines who I am now since I found out that I have a passion in martial arts. In personal self, my passion is to become an Anesthesiologist. When my grandpa passed away that was when I knew I wanted to become a doctor and save lives for many people. In social self, my family photos represent me the most because I love my family in Maryland and I only get to see them once a year so whenever I can spend time with them I do. In spiritual self, the food drive represents me the most. Every canned food drive, I go door to door and get cans from my neighbours. I usually finish with over 100 cans and then my dad brings them to school the next day

2. I included these pictures representing myself in all these four categories because
When looking at my completed collage, I am most proud of my personal self slide. This is because out of all the slides, personal self is the most me. My personal self slide also has the best aesthetic color wise. It represents me the most because everyone that knows me knows all these things about me. When I am older I want to be married, and become an Anesthesiologist. To be healthy I like to eat berries, I also decide not to drink alcohol, smoke or do any type of drugs. In the future, I would like to go to Stanford or Queens then attend medical school at UCSF. My hobbies are watching YouTube and Grey’s Anatomy. I am also most proud of the personal self slide because component wise, I feel like I did the best job in that slide.

3. When looking at your completed collage, what component are you most proud of? Why?
I had the most difficult time portraying myself in the active self category because the me right now is not as active as I could be. In the past when I was younger, I was super active but I think because of school work and having no motivation, I stopped. Most of the pictures in my collage are me in the past but I still know how to play all of them and I like to say I do well in them in phys ed class. In present time, I do yoga or watch workout videos. Active self is also difficult to portray because I am a very uncoordinated person.
4. I had the most difficult time portraying myself in the _______ category because:

Based on my scores in fitness testing, the areas that I would like to see myself improve on are the beep test, ball coordination, balance, and push ups. As I mentioned in the previous question, I am very uncoordinated meaning I have trouble throwing the ball and catching it. Balance is hard since in a normal day I do not really balance anything. Push ups are hard because when I do push ups my face gets red because I do not have the strongest muscles. I am proud however because compared to the first test, I did much better in the second one and I hope I improve even more in the third one.

5. Based on my scores in fitness testing, the area(s) that I would like to see myself improve on is/are:
An improvement in these areas help me to become an even healthier active youth in years to comes because since in the future my job will not require much exercise so if I do not push myself to be active now, later on I will be lazy and have a lack of motivation to do so. The improvements I need are not really that useful but push ups and the beep test are pretty important, push ups strengthen your muscles and bones and raises your metabolism. The beep test is basically running build strong bones and improves your cardiovascular fitness. Once I get use to push ups, they can become an easy thing to do and if I run maybe around 10 minutes on the treadmill at home, my cardio can improve. An improvement in these areas also help me to become an even healthier active youth in years to come because it benefits me in other physical activities such as yoga, swimming, skiing, and taekwondo.

6. How will an improvement in this/these area(s) help me to become an even healthier active youth in years to come?
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