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Red Bull Moon Landing

No description

James Carlson

on 30 April 2016

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Transcript of Red Bull Moon Landing

Launch Wings for the City Initiative
Design Energy Index
We will design a multi-dimensional matrix to describe the human capacity of energy in a city. This will include:
Personal time
Work time
Space and travel
Food and drink
Economic capacity
Cultural capacity
Focus - attention - capacity
Energy Index Design
Identify Research Partner
We need to make news. So, we will partner with an independent research organization such as a local college or university to study the question: What is the state of the human energy in our city?

We will find a local partner with a strong reputation for community engagement, and a researcher who is interested in human potential and human energy as it applies to a city.
Identified Research Partner
Memorandum of Agreement
Identify Media Partner
We will find a local media outlet who can give us continual online and live-media coverage of this series. If we cannot find an acceptable media partner in this market, we will work with them all. This partner will be given the scoop on all stories related to this campaign.
Identified media partner and memorandum of agreement
Conduct Research
The research partner will study the city's energy 'profile' based on the design, and collect the data.
Research results and data
Publish City Energy Index
This is a full-on whitepaper style science report describing how the energy of a city can be measured along human, spatial, and cultural dimensions. No one has made a comprehensive metric like this before, though many have tried.

Most efforts have focused on economic or industrial output, but not on the combination of social, cultural, and human energy capacities of a city.
Press Release, Press Conference, Media
Construct Campaign Site
We build a public website constructed around the campaign which forms the centerpiece of communications for later stages. This site will be branded Red Bull, focused on the Wings for the City Initiative, and branded around the city itself.
Campaign website
Impressions to the Campaign Site, Red Bull media
Call for Nominations
Public relations campaign to drive local community to nominate Energy Exemplars, who can be either organizations or people that set a high bar in their personal or organizational use of energy. These are the entities that can make a difference in terms of energy for the city. The campaign will drive impressions to the Branded nomination site.

Large organizations, divisions, Small companies, non-profits, community groups, arts groups, sports teams, moms, individuals, parents, students, dads, associations
Impressions to the Campaign Site, Red Bull media
Publish website, Press Release, Press Conference, Media
Collect Nominations Online
During the Collection phase we will also announce nominees as they are received in media, and highlight or spotlight those of high profile. When nominations are placed, if you share your nomination socially, we use your location to tell you where the nearest Red Bull is, "Power up like the person you nominated, etc."
Exemplar profiles and stories
Media about nominees as received
Analyze Nominations
We will sort through all the nominations received and apply a rubric to determine who are the top Exemplars of the city.
Exemplar selection rubric
Build Energy Exemplar Community
Select Exemplars
We will publish the directory and gallery of exemplars on the Nomination Site.
Selected list of exemplars
Design Red Bull Energy Exemplar Kit
Create a branded product delivery kit that is used to notify Exemplars on their selection and nomination. This design will be completed by Bill Bachmann.
Energy Kit Design
Send Red Bull Energy Kit to Exemplars
We will send a branded product kit to Energy Exemplars -- both for organizations and for people -- containing product and the invitation to join the Energy Challenge for the City.

Exemplars can then accept the invitation to participate and help lead the change by registering through the site.
Impressions to Campaign Site, Acceptance of Invitation from Exemplars
Red Bull Product Sample, Public announce of accepted exemplars
Announce Exemplars and Wings for the City Energy Challenge
Public relations campaign to engage entire city in improving its energy, identifying energy challenge areas (hotspots and black holes) and inviting the community to submit ideas to the challenge.
Nominees are encouraged to take to media and given platforms to share the Red Bull challenge with their networks. Nominees are encouraged to do Red Bull selfie campaigns.
Impressions to Campaign Site
Press Release, Press conference, Media, Targeted communications to exemplars
Send winners their prizes
Energy Exemplar of the City gets options for prizes: sweepstakes style prizes like billboards, money allocated to a cause, facetime in media, etc.
Setup the Wings of the City Energy Challenges
Identify Target Retail Locations
Publish City Energy Engagement Map
Announce Event Locations and Themes
Design Energy Challenge Events
Invite Exemplars to Speak and Participate
Research to identify retail locations where Red Bull is sold, that will play host or act as a centerpoint for hyperlocal, neighborhood-level Energy Challenge events.
Publish rich media map containing the Energy Challenge spots and the challenges themselves as selected and suggested by the community.

Locations can be filtered based on the city's awareness of its own boundaries and challenges.
Publish event schedule for Energy Challenges around city and take reservations for participants. All Events are free to the public and hosted by the Energy Exemplars.
This is an event plan and agenda for each location created to solve the local energy challenges of the community as identified and submitted by the community.
Send second targeted event kit containing product to Exemplars, invite to participate and speak. This would include personal outreach from members of the on-ground RB team.
Grow the Energy of the City
Conduct city-wide Energy Challenge Events
Link Purchase of Product to Energy for Events
Select Winning Ideas / Exemplars
Announce Results
Location-specific events which gather exemplars to solve energy challenges of the city--including speaking, hack-a-thon like atmosphere, and live media coverage. Events will take place in 4-6 hours at various selected retail locations around the city.
There will be up to 12 events over a 60 day period.

Events will take place centered around high-traffic hours of the day such as 3-6pm.
The Red Bull WING team will set up the event structure and basis and the contents will come from the Exemplars and the Moon Landing design.
Product purchased during events has a 'share of sales' appropriated to the local City Energy Fund so resources can be used to drive the effort forward. This share of sales number is then made available for specific efforts related to powering the energy of the city in future Energy Challenges.
Red Bull WING Award - The best solutions and ideas that come from the Energy Exemplars and the Energy Challenge Events are selected by Red Bull / Moon Landing.
On the Energy Index site we will publish the results both in terms of money 'raised' and gallery of ideas, speakers, and videos. We will announce the best ideas selected during the challenge events and make contributions in the name of the exemplars to a specific effort, organization, or passion.
Press Release, Media
Press Release, Media
Product Sample, Invitation print media, Media
Event design
Street-level event participation, Media share, Live stream, Broadcast media, Radio media
Interactive Map, Press release, Media
Press release
Press Release, Site Updates, Media
Product kits, samples, and prizes
Discover the Energy Exemplars
45-50 days
30 days
20 days
30 days
90 days
Our bodies haven't evolved to the needs of today, and our cities haven't either. We need to find out the nature of the gap, and find the people and teams who can help us close it.

We then organize those people and organizations into a powerful community that grows the energy of the city--both through their own actions and through the consumption of Red Bull.

WHY HERE: OH is the ultimate place to start to see how this works: midwestern cities are hard to read, trying harder to grow, major industrial state representative to US.
WHO HERE: We want to connect to the people who are more slow-moving and regular sorts, building a bridge to the 'extreme' things that Red Bull is known for.
This community sets the example and raises the bar on the city's human energy and potential in the future of the city.

This effort is about focusing energy to achieve great things - evolving the focus of its people on the city, and the city on its future.
Target retail location list
Don't feel bad, you're not as evolved as the world around you.
Coffee Breaks
Human beings aren't designed for this world. The speed of society is faster than our bodies.
What about everyone else?
Age of Reason
Industrial Revolution
Information Age
What's next?
Beginning of human life
But you still want to do it all, right? You want to drink from the firehose of life.
Yet, some people seem to have the energy for everything.
How do they do it?
Let's find out, make a story, and get some impressions.
imported from Asia
No more booze. Coffee instead.
It's a House Divided

The Energy Challenge Events
get us beyond the divide.
Product sales localization
On time
Daily life
CONCEPT: Energy Intervention Association
T-shirt featuring an image of the human evolution into a Red Bull can.
CONCEPT: Ride the Bull
CONCEPT: Red Bull Task Can
CONCEPT: Flavors of Cincinnati
CONCEPT: City Energy Challenge
Large Group Check-Ins: If a group of 25 or more people are nominated for an intervention (within a company, school, team, etc.), a Red Bull energy truck (water truck, concrete mixer, etc.) will be brought to the site early with a huge hose ‘pumping’ energy into the building. This truck also has opportunities for product trials.
Delta in Cincinnati Red Bull Sales
Host a city-wide tournament-style process of elimination to see who can last the longest on the Bull.
So how do you get a chance to ride this bad ass bull? With a crushed Red-Bull can. Folks will be able to purchase a Red Bull at their nearest retailer, or at the event itself, and turn in up to 5 crushed cans for up to 5 tries on the mechanical bull.
Number of crushed Red Bull cans redeemed
Bring Your Own Bull/Business/Brain/Betterment
See a pothole growing larger and larger in Cinci?
PART 3: #RedBullTaskMarker - Take a picture/snap of a RedBull can next to a task that needs to be completed (i.e. potholes, rundown buildings… attempting to make Cinci better/implement social change)
McDonald’s: over XX billion served...
Number of tasks completed
= number of cans bought
Red Bull has 8 different flavors... and 8 different colored cans.
We will select a deserving charity in the Cincinnati area to partner with and vow to donate a selected amount for every empty can redeemed up to $10,000.
How many cans redeemed and what flavors
We will use this opportunity to offer up exclusive coverage to a local TV news station to announce the event and the fund drive for the selected charity.
Buy and drink a Red Bull and deposit the can into the machine to affect the outcome.
Constant reporting on the activity of the can collectors and the number of cans collected.
Number of cans collected
Every month we find a dilapidated space/building for rent, rent the building or congregate around it and brainstorm the best use for said building is and how that will help Cinci. Think Shark Tank meets community rehabilitation.
Need to bring a Red Bull to participate. Whole group cracks their Red Bull signifying the start of the meeting/brainstorm
Doing community rehab gets press - especially when people of the city are uniting for a cause
Number of attendees
Traction of ideas
Improvements to the city!
Cowpie toss meets Red Bull… We will create a frisbee golf type course with 9 holes. Folks then flatten their empty Red Bull cans and play.
Anyone who wants to compete must buy at least 9 Red Bulls because each hole takes the empty, flattened Red Bull can to play
Donation to the winning university’s scholarship fund is a heartwarming story that gets press. Alternative publications will also definitely cover such a crazy game
Media coverage
Media coverage
The winner will then receive an over-the-top gold and diamond studded belt buckle in the shape of a bull.
We will close down a selected street in Cincinnati to create a block-party like atmosphere
Erect a massive, high-end, safe mechanical bull in the middle of the block
Most uplifting nomination (for nominating someone who needs to do well on a test or be wished luck in a big interview, etc)
PART 1: When you know someone is lacking on their tasks, buy a RedBull, go to said lazy person, and take a picture or snapchat of you nominating his or her lazy ass with the hashtag #RedBullTaskCan
nomination / submission wins a prize to a stand-up comedy show, gets to star in their own viral video, etc.
Red Bull: over XX thousand tasks crushed.
Media coverage of number of tasks completed
PART 2: After a task is completed, take a selfie/picture of the completed job and a crushed Red Bull can.
We all know someone who needs to become a hero and get things done.
Have a roommate who won’t get off of his lazy ass and clean the bathroom?
Have a husband who STILL hasn’t taken out the garbage?
Demand these tasks get done with a RED BULL.
Know a lethargic individual in serious need of an energy boost? It’s not too late. The EIA will be a Cincinatti service for those who have unfortunately not been one of the lucky ones to evolve with the energy demands in this modern world. If you notice or care about someone who needs to evolve with the times, turn them in anonymously through our online Intervention website or 1-800 intervention hotline.
As with any interventions, there are check-ins. We will need recipients of the intervention to check in once a week at registered Red Bull retail locations and mobile Wings Team Check-In Trucks.
Every time you check in with a Red Bull team member, your picture with staff will be posted on our intervention website in an album with a title “XX interventions and counting…”
Funny billboards and intercepts soliciting calls for interventions
Red Bull check-ins: Wings team brings energy check-in trucks to retail locations.
Social media check-ins at Red Bull retailers for a chance to win an inspiring trip. In order to do a check-in, you need to take a picture/selfie with a can of Red Bull to show you are taking your intervention seriously.
We invite 8 major employers to support 8 local charities in this challenge.
We station a network of specially-designed Red Bull Collectors around the city.
Consumers drink Red Bull and deposit the cans in the collectors, which count the cans.
Each deposited can is counted and illuminates another LED on the building associated with the cause chosen by the consumer.
The charity with the highest level of support at the end of the campaign receives a big payoff.
Media coverage
Charities will drive traffic to the campaign so they win, and the visible public scoreboard makes it easy to see the progress.
The website will be in the style of a PSA information website. This website will teach you how to identify a person who hasn’t evolved to meet today’s energy demands.
Once someone has been turned in, the recipient will receive an intervention kit in the form of an email and/or direct mailer.
An “Energy Self-Assessment Quiz” to find out if the recipient, in fact, needs an energy intervention. If the quiz taker is, in fact, energetically involved, and wrongly nominated, they are automatically re-directed to a relaxation/calming website.
Tips on how to boost their energy. Tip #1: a Red Bull sample.
A chance to win something that gets you energized: gym membership, free supply of Red Bull, etc.
Press Launch and Interviews
Cincinnati selected as ‘ground zero’
Viral video PSA calling for an intervention for those loved ones in life that need an energy boost.
Number of nominations/interventions
Press Coverage
We then set up various thrill rides on top of or within these buildings (ziplines, rappelling, parachuting, freerunning down, you name it.)
Players are encouraged to ham up their experience with costumes, gags, and acts to win prizes.
We will find cool buildings in Cinci (preferably colored buildings) and designate them to a flavor of Red Bull.
Cincinnatians must bring a certain flavor of Red Bull to the corresponding building in order to ride the ride/participate in the event
Media coverage
Media of people taking the rides

Scores and winners of best rides, best on-ride performances
This is a University challenge - area Universities compete against each other. University with the best score gets a crazy party or prize as well as a donation to a scholarship fund.
However, unlike frisbee golf, every time you throw your can in the hole/pin the can disappears into a collection bin.
info displays at all events
science 'evangelist'
We presented an initial idea, which you liked
You gave us feedback and wanted more detail, which you got
You asked us for additional concepts that focus more on product: that's what this is
And a local country radio station:
Assistive tech for the differently-abled
Enables sport activity
Local designers will be engaged to design the belt-buckle prize
Local engineers to design the assistive tech
"Wizards of Oh"
Remember "Share a Coke?"
Employees of local companies will create internal campaigns to get people to drive the progress.
Share new ideas:
Review changes to original idea: Wings of the City based on your feedback
Great campaigns that drive press, impressions, and traffic
Ideas that flow easily from human energy / evolution
3rd Party Endorsements
Charity / Community Tie-in
Consumer social media engagement
We are famous for this!
Camouflage the promotion in the PR
Kroger Company* 17,000
University of Cincinnati 15,162
The Procter & Gamble Company* 14,000
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 12,057
TriHealth Inc 9,898
Mercy Health Partners 8,550
GE Aviation* 7,300
Wal-mart Stores 6,932
St. Elizabeth Healthcare 6,839
Fifth Third Bancorp* 6,771
We mount super-bright, highly visible LED arrays on the top or sides of these employer's buildings and workplaces.
Social announcements

Morning shows

Media / radio partner
Celebration of winner
On-going discussion of how winner succeeds thanks to Red Bull
Social engagement
Social announcements

Morning shows

Media / radio partner
Celebration of winners from entire campaign
Online gallery of stories

Stories can continue indefinitely
Social announcements

Morning shows

Target locations map
Showcase landscape changed
Before and after gallery
Announcement of games

Publish map of locations and holes
Celebration of winner
Stories on use of Scholarship Fund donation and student enablement
Activity announcement

Publish map of attractions
Announcement of best ride performance and winner
Community invited to suggest ideas for new locations and activities
Reporting on scores of teams / winners
Number of participants (x9 cans sold each)
Continual updating of 'intervention statistics' with media
Social sharing of interventions 'results' using common hashtags
Tally of total interventions; affecting city Energy "Score" - or city-wide energy 'progress bar'
Share stories of improved happiness from greater achievement of individuals
Social share of the intervened using kit benefits - health club membership, activity participations
Social share of rides

Constant updates of longest times
Local designers / engineers spotlight

Celebration of winner!
Announcements of locations

Publishing ideas created by teams
about the product

Energy you can find

How the product helps you concentrate
about the product

Energy you can find

How the product helps you concentrate
Exemplars are selected based on their appeal to the broad masses-- not looking for the extremes.
Ideas and solutions generated by the Exemplars and the community during events are submitted to the website.
Unique ownership for Red Bull
Own the conversation around city energy
Becomes a standard used by others beyond the campaign
Full transcript