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Journey of One

My journey of wanting to become a teacher

Grace Hupert

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Journey of One

Grace Hupert
Time Frame:1996 to April 29, 2010 Paradigm of teaching:
Student …learning…Teacher…teaching… becoming a teacher… has always played a role in my head. I have never put a dividing line between a student and a teacher. Students can teach a teacher and a teacher can learn from a student or the reverse can happen when a student learns and a teacher teaches. For me, my world has always been about being a student and able to learn new things everyday from teachers. At the beginning of this semester I relentlessly sought to distinguish myself between a student and a teacher. I constantly thought like a student and did things as a student. Yet, the more I read from our assigned textbook readings and learned things about teachers, such as their style and the use of multiple intelligences in lesson plans, the more I began to think like a teacher. All of our class assignments helped change my thinking from being a student to a teacher. It was interesting to analyze my teachers and identify what methods they used. Questions repeatedly raced through my mind of how I felt about teaching and the positive and negative aspects that come with a teaching career. One of the biggest changes of thinking like a teacher has been how I perceive the teacher. I think about what I would do in certain situations that my teachers have been placed in. I am beginning more and more to feel like a teacher. I want to volunteer as a tutor more and start my semester of student teaching. The more I learn about teachers and things that I will use or do as a teacher the more I wish it could happen tomorrow. Reflection 1:
Throughout my life, I have always wanted to become a teacher. Since I was a little, I would pretend to teach school with my stuffed animals or when friends came to play. It was something that I thought would be fun and would love to do when I grew up. As the years passed, I changed my mind from becoming a teacher to a marine biologist. I loved sea animals and thought about how fun it would be to take care of them. Upon entering high school, my life was a moving 360° One moment I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer, a fashion designer, and a pediatrician…such extremes. Yet, in my heart, all I really knew was that I was good at two things - math and foreign languages. I took two languages in high school. At first I thought - oh great - I’m going to get confused but since I was at such different levels in each, it was fairly simple to keep up. During my senior year when it was time to fill out college applications I remained undecided. My heart was set on applying to NC State and I was thrown for a loop. NC State required that I choose a college to apply to instead of entering undecided. However, they have this awesome program called First Year College that helps undecided freshman work through determining their strengths and aptitudes for various careers.. When applying to Michigan State University and Appalachian State University I chose elementary education. When it came down to making a decision about colleges, I weighed the pros and cons of each. I like warm weather, out goes Michigan State and Appalachian and teaching wasn’t really what I had my heart set on as a career. I finally picked NC State with the First Year College option. I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made, along with a few others.
Pros of being a Doctor

Travel the world
Help Children
Do something I love, take care of people

Cons of being a Doctor
Med School
Being in college for a long time

Pros Owner of Business
Enjoy Food
Travel the world

Cons of a business owner:
Don't make a lot of money
Never leave my work
Tied down to my job

Pros of being a teacher
Be able to do something I love
Work with children
Effect a students life
Give back to those who have helped me

Cons of being a teacher:
Hard to find a job
Students hate me
Don't make enough money
Reflection 2:
First Year College was rapidly nearing its end and the time to decide on a major was imminent. Which one? I chose French because I had traveled to France and really enjoyed listening to natives speaking to each other. So I left NC State for the summer my summer job at Panera Bread knowing I had declared a major in French, possibly a minor in Spanish and wanting to become a doctor. I did all the research to become a doctor and then it started all over again. I fell in love with my job at Panera and realized that I really wanted to own my own French Bakery and become an entrepreneur. My race was a career major started all over again. I arrived back on campus, was enrolled in a few business classes, and really enjoyed them except accounting. One night I was talking with a friend and she reminded me about how I really love kids and asked what happened to that dream of teaching. I began thinking and never really thought about teaching French. Reflection 3:
Throughout the semester I learned so much from class. At the beginning of the semester I was a little nervous. A coordinator for becoming a teacher came and spoke with our class. He told us all these requirements that we had to figure out. I was a little nervous but I kept thinking about what my mom always says... which is you must follow your dreams and it doesn't matter how long it takes, I will always support you no matter what." I knew that I would be on the five year track regardless because I wanted to study abroad for a year. Then I went to an admission to candidacy meeting that really terrified me and I thought about all the things that I must do. I stink at standardized tests and I have to take the Praxis 1. Plus getting up in front of someone having to talk... I've always been one of those students that doesn't like to talk in class because I just like to obsorb everything. But I realized that after everything it doesn't matter because I would be doing what I'm passionate about. I love french and being able to share that passion with other people! I can't wait to be able to teach. What is my answer to the question? My answer to the question is – YES, I want to become a teacher. It has always been my dream. I will continue to learn and practice becoming a teacher while secretly wishing I could graduate tomorrow to begin teaching career. Le professeur: a Teacher "By learning you will teach;
by teaching you will understand."
Latin Proverb "We learn by teaching."
James Howell

"A master can tell you what he expects of you.
A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations."
Patricia Neal

My philosophy of teaching:
For me, I believe that a teacher should have the students best interest at heart. They should be willing to do everything in their power to make the student feel like they have accomplished something in life. Things like test scores shouldn't be the basis of teaching. The teacher should be passionate about what they are teaching and their students. He or she should want to share that passion with he or she's students. Now a days most teachers worry about helping students make it to the next level. They don't care and they just see it as a job and a salary. But then you find those who care and want the students to succeed and make something of themselves. When you see that a teacher cares, it can change everything about your perspective of learning. When a teacher uses different teaching methods such as the multiple intelligences, it shows that they know everyone is different and they are willing to create a sense of unity and equality for each student to learn. First Poem I memorized in French:
Le Cancre
Il dit non avec la tête
mais il dit oui avec le coeur
Il dit oui à ce qu’il aime
Il dit non au professeur
Il est debout
On le questionne
Et tous les problèmes sont posés
Soudain le fou rire le prend
Et il efface tout
Les chiffres et les mots
Les dates et les noms
Les phrases et les pièges
Et malgré les menaces du maître
Sous les huées des enfants prodiges
Avec des craies de toutes les couleurs
Sur le tableau noir du malheur
Il dessine le visage du bonheur
-Jacques Prévert

March 9th 2009
Interview with Madame Beckman, French professor:
Dr. Diane Beckman, French Foreign Language, and World Literature Professor at North Carolina State University has been very influential in my life. She was my FLF 110 teacher for my first semester in college. After being in her class, I knew that I wanted to do something with my language skills and the passion that I have for others. When I asked to interview her, she was quite delighted. I knew she would be a great person to interview because she has such an enormous passion for French and her students. After finishing the interview, I just knew that I wanted to do something with my foreign language skills and if I teach, I would want it to be either on an elementary level or college professor level. She said “I love teaching college students because they can choose if they want to take my class and normally take the class for a reason unlike high school students who have to take the class and have awful attitudes toward their teachers.” The Dunce by Jacques Prévert
He says no with his head
But he says yes with his heart
He says yes to what he likes
He says no to his teacher
He stands
Is questioned
And all the problems are posed
Suddenly crazy laughter takes him
And he erases it all
The numbers and the words
The dates and the nouns
The sentences and the traps
And despite the master's threats
Under the jeers of the prodigy children
With chalk of every color
On the blackboard of misery
He draws the face of joy
The thought had crossed my mind but I always narrowed my teaching to elementary age students. So I immediately emailed my French advisor and told him that I really wanted to teach French. He told me that I needed to email another advisor and so I did. The ball began rolling quickly. She told me to come and meet with her. She was very receptive to the idea, we went right to the front desk, and she had the secretary fill out the paperwork for me to transfer right into the major. It was one of the best things that had happened to me. I began the ECI 205 class in the spring and I have loved it, never again questioning my decision. ECI 205 has enabled me to enjoy all the learning that I have done and the different methods of teaching that have been targeted. It is amazing to observe an actual French teacher and put the materials into practice that we have learned. First Year College allowed me to explore my options and I never knew so many existed. I was fairly sure that I wanted to continue my foreign language studies but craved something else. I remember when I first met my advisor, which was right after I had taken two foreign language placement tests and when I told her, she said you just did what? Why? I said because I like foreign languages and I know that I want to use both in some type of a career. For the remainder of my freshman year, she encouraged me to either minor in two, double major in both or major in one and minor in the other. Choosing one language over the other was so tough. I finally (or so I thought) I decided to major in both languages and minor in business administration. I took the MBTI test that indicated I would be most fulfilled in a career working with children and helping them somehow. Aha moment …elementary education teacher. At that point my advisor told me it was completely impossible to get into elementary education and if I wanted to do that maybe I should transfer to a different university. Reluctantly, I decided that I would do something with business. I told myself to put my dream of being a teacher on hold. Then at the end of the of my freshman year, up pops my thought of being a doctor. I had always wanted to become a pediatrician and my friends thought I had really become crazy since it surfaced out of the blue. But, it was really what I wanted to do and my family supported me.
That was such a great thing to say because you never really think about that aspect of teaching. She asked me at the end of our interview if I was really thinking about teaching and I told her I definitely was, and she challenged me to work on speaking with others. During a presentation that I gave she noticed that I was nervous when I gave a presentation in class but she said it is a great thing to be creative because that it what she learned to do when she begin teaching in k-5 and at a university level. The most intriguing part of the interview, was when I asked her what a new college level professor would teach and what someone would look for when they hire a new college professor? She said, “A new teacher would teach several different courses, plan a syllabus, work with other faculty”. The skills required for a first year professor is to love what they are doing, know how to interact with students, be reasonable, and value their work. If a teacher is willing to focus on his or her students, then they will realize that the students can teach them something. Being a teacher is not only about teaching, but it is also about learning. Learning from your students can have the biggest impact on your life. In the end, no matter what you do as a teacher, whether it be to focus on how you teach by using things like multiple intelligences, pinwheels or focusing on the student's need and not your own, you have the opportunity to achieve greatness. I think that a teacher should be passionate about the subject they teach and teach for the right reasons and not because its a salary.
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