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How does Temperature affect the growth of Crystals?

This experiment wiil show whether a warmer or cooler temperature will increase in the growth of a salt crystal.

Kylie Wood

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of How does Temperature affect the growth of Crystals?

"Does temperature affect
the growth of salt Crystals?" The Purpose of
this project is to determine the growth of crystals in hot and cold temperatures. Knowing how to grow them is helpful to Scientists because they recently discovered in 1980 , in the "Mt. St. Helen's Eruption" that you can determine future volcanic activity from crystal growth. Now take your Vaseline and rub it from the neck of the jar inside down to your waterline as to keep crystal growth from leaving the string. My Hypothesis is, If I grow two crystals in the same jars, same concentrate salt solution & the same string. Placing one in a warm Temperature area & One in a cold Temperature area. I predict the warm Temperature will help to form a crystal faster. Kylie Wood 6th Grade

I chose this topic because
recently I was eating rock
candy and I asked my mom
"what is Rock candy?" She explained
it is crystallized sugar. It formed like
other crystals like salt, Alum and of
course sugar.And I decided to make
my own. A crystal
found inside a volcano Science Teacher: Mrs. Stambaugh Mt. St. Helen
The constants in this study were:

1. The same length of string 2.
2. The same brand and amount of Table salt
3. Start growing the crystals at the same time
4. Same size glass jars for the crystals to grow in
5. Same amount of water The responding variable was the growth rate of the crystals. The manipulated variable was the temperature of the crystal growth locations one being cold and one being warm. Experimental Design *** ** Cold Crystal Lets go see some crystal Growth! A Few pictures I took to show some comparisons at the halfway point!! The Picture above I did out of curiosity.
it is a shallow dish with the same salt and water concentrate as my actual experiment. But I added Porous charcoal briquets. I kept it on the stove top in my kitchen this is it at only one week, I will show you it again week 9 .I'm thinking this could be a future project , plus my heat theory is definitely in this case proving to be true ,the evaporation is amazingly fast. Warm Crystal DATA Analysis week 1- salt seeds formed on the string
week 2-a round ball has began to form.
week 3-the crystal began to move up the string in many tiny particles looking longer and as if it is thickening.
week 4-the crystal continues to grow and increase in size see picture to right.
week 5-The crystal continues to grow along the string becoming thicker I more solid. Week 1- no crystal formation
Week 2- tiny particles have begun to form in different areas
week 3-a small ball has formed on the string while tiny particles remain the same size on the glass
Week 4- the crystal has started to thicken in a round shape see picture to left.
Week 5- Looks to be more round not much. this is at 4 weeks and a lady bug met its demise, however you can see more clear and sold crystals forming on this string and at a quicker rate. Due to computer tech issues my Accurate data and weekly chart was lost from a computer crash. I did take notes in the beginning and end.The middle is from memory. Like Science there is never a guarantee only a learning process! Cold Crystal this is at 4 weeks
as you can see it is remaining in a small ball
ball forming more on one side not very thick.And it is cloudy. Warm Crystal Lesson One: Lesson Two: if you are going to add a data book to your materials
make sure you use it and not your computer to record everything you have observed and documented. "RESULTS" 6. 8. 7. "Conclusion" Procedure: Now while the water is hot continue adding salt to it until the salt no longer will dissolve( I added approximately 2 cups) it will vary. Finally you take your stick and place it on top of the jar putting your string in, push the string down into the water until it is straight. Take your jars and place them in the areas you chose for hot and cold temperatures.MAke sure to hang your thermometers near them.(I am keeping one under 60 degrees and the other above 60degrees.) Get your data book and date the locations, temperature and start watching for the magic to begin. Next, grab your sticks make sure they sit on top of the jar without moving or falling in. Get your string, cut it the exact same length .Tie your string on your sticks making them even , tie the end to the two push pins to add weight when placed in the water solution to prevent floating. Add hot water to both your jars to the water line you chose ( I used 6 cups of water). Take two glass jars both the same size, you may use any jar size you like (I chose large ones.) Next ,draw a line with your marker around the outside of the jar to mark your water line. You may also use the marker to mark the jars, one hot one cold. A full crystal formation has
formed and contuines to thicken and form
moving down the string and forming new seeds. The crystal has become clearer
and the new seeds have formed into hard square like masses on the lower part of the string.
the original seed has become large and much more dense becoming clearer and hard. My Crystal has formed beautifuly and has many more
tiny crystal seeds along the string now that also continue to grow, all of the growth stayed on the string never collecting on the jar. Week Week Week Week 4 FINAL CRYSTALS The crystal continues to form slowly
no new seed crystals are forming on the string
it remains in a ball forming much slower and not as clear. Week 6- Week7- This Crystal continues to grow much slower and not
as clear it is foggy and now small seeds are growing on the jar unable to to attach to the original crystal. Week 8- This crystal has stayed the same size since week 6
the sides of the jar are collecting seeds causing new crystals to try and form but they stay small
and fall off. Week 9 Week 9 DATA ANALYSIS CONTINUED As Promised here is the other crystal week 9 that
sat on my stove over a hot eye, grown in a more shallow dish
on charcoal briquets but with my original salt solution. As you
can see its growth process was very much different then the ones in jars with a string only to grow on. week 4 END OF WEEK 9
<------------- Can you tell which crystal was grown warm or cold? "Bibliography" 1. WWW.ScienceKids.com/projects/SaltCrystals 2. WWW.Ehow.com/how/FarmingSaltCrystals 3. WWW.Ehow.com/how/makingcrystalswithtablesalt 4. http://alternative-education.helium.comhowtogrowsaltcrystals "THE END " By: Kylie Wood Week 9- this crystal has remained the same size as week eight the crystal seeds no longer grow on it and only collect below the crystal on the string and on the jar. Week 9. This crystal really grew more this week then the last 2, the sun was out more and it became thicker and started to crystallize more below the original one. 11-12-12 11-12-12 1-07-13 1-07-13 I started this project on November twelfth 2012 with the purpose of proving that with the exact salt solution in two jars one in a warm climate one in a colder one that I believed the warmer one would grow faster, forming a clearer crystal. I placed one jar in a area of my house that never reached above 60 degrees & at times got as low as 42 and another in the warmest area of our house that remained above 68 degrees and at times was 72 & I could provide sunlight and it had constant heat as it is Winter time and a heat vent was right under it.
As a result of these actions I was able to grow two crystals. The warmer one grew at a faster rate especially weeks seven through nine, The sun was out more and that really seemed to help with the evaporation process. I had to at times move my warm crystal from the table it was on at the window since it is winter here and I was worried the cold outside would effect my data and purpose. But I always checked my thermometer and it never went below 68 The colder one stopped growing week seven and smaller seeds began forming on the glass I believe this was because the temperature started being constantly between forty & forty two stopping the evaporation process all together. I often wondered during this process if I had placed another jar in complete cold, never reaching room temperature if it would have grown at all. I believe it wouldn't have. My hypothesis was that crystals would grow faster in a warmer temperature area rather than a cold or room temperature area.
The results indicate that this hypothesis should be accepted, because my prediction was right, the warm temperature crystal did grow faster then colder one.
Because of the results of this experiment, I wonder if I should have tried to grow another crystal in a complete cold temperature and would it have formed. I also considered if I had added a heat mat to my warm one, keeping the temperature at one set temperature all the time how quickly it could have grown in the jar. I often wondered if the same thing would happen with sugar, Epsom salts or Alum. And how temperature would effect them.
If I were to conduct this project again I would run more trials of different size containers and would use more substances (table salt, sugar or rock salt ). I would also have measured the mass of the crystals rather than just the time it took them to grow in the two temperatures . And last I would of tried to grow one in a complete cold temperature using more substances. In conclusion I am extremely happy with my project it was fun, I learned a lot of things I didnt know, some things I did and things I cant wait to try out in the future. There are so many things that crystals can do from healing to helping Scientists. And so many different types. This is a topic I definitly will continue to learn about! 1. Table Salt
3.Cotton String
4.Two glass jars
5.Two Sticks
6.Two Push pins
7.One measuring cup for salt
8.One liquid measuring cup
9.Permanent Marker
10. Data Book
11. 2 Thermometers Materials: non materials
Cats they are a distraction
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