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Korean War

No description

Matt Baker

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Korean War

Korean War
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Korean War Reading

- I can analyze the Korean War

Table of Contents
Page: Berlin
Page: Korean War
Page: MacArthur v. Truman
Page: North Korea

Do you think that the US and USSR wanted to start a nuclear war? Why?
The Berlin Problem
- After WWII, Germany split into 2
- East Germany (Communist)
- West Germany (Capitalist)
- Berlin, capital of Germany, also split in 2
- Problem: Berlin located inside of East Germany
The Berlin Problem: Exacerbated
How do you think Stalin felt about this?
- After WWII, US and UK demobilized their army
- USSR did not
- Kept their army in the Eastern Bloc
- Fear of communist invasion
How would the Red Army being in the Eastern Bloc make the US feel?
- Stalin (USSR) blocks roads & trains to Berlin, preventing supplies from getting in

You're the president, what do you do?

Keep in mind:
- You don't want another war, especially a nuclear one
- You don't want to look weak giving up Berlin
Berlin Airlift
- US and UK airdropped supplies into Berlin
- In response, Stalin built the Berlin Wall to stop communication between the East & West
Why would people want to escape East Germany?
Korean War Background
- North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (capitalist)
- US hesitant to intervene
- Believed it was a distraction for USSR to invade Europe
- Afraid it could escalate into nuclear war
How could a proxy war between North and South Korea turn into a nuclear war?
Korean War: Course of the War
- US army led by MacArthur (WWII General)
- North Korean army led by Kim Il Sung
- Back and forth to start
- Last 3 years: Trench warfare
What was the danger of the war becoming a trench war?
Truman v. MacArthur
- Chinese start helping North Korea
President Truman
- Wanted to keep the war in Korea (Limited War)
- Must avoid nuclear war & WWIII
General MacArthur
- US can't win if we can't fight our enemies
- Must use all of our weapons
Who's right?
Korean War Results
1953: Ceasefire
- Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) created at 38th Parallel
North Korea Today
- Still run by the Kim family
- No rights for citizens
- Many starving to death
- North Korea developing their nuclear program to avoid invasion
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