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The Inferno Project Circle 9 Round 1

No description

Jon Marcus

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Inferno Project Circle 9 Round 1

The Inferno Project Circle _ Round 1
By Jon Marcus, Stephen Jordan, Jon Marcus, and Jon Marcus
Reading Check!
we made it extra hard for you guys
Question 1: What circle (#) does this round start? (Summary)
Question 2: Who is this round named after?
Question 3: What is the frozen lake called? (Summary)
Question 4: Name one of the two sinners that are "
clamped together
" (FootNotes)
Question 5: What does Dante hear when he is first lifted down into the well by the giants? (Text)
Question 1: Circle 9
Question 2: Cain
Question 3: Cocytus
Question 4: Alessandro or Napoleone... Or if you're really a smarty, both.
Question 5: A voice warning him.
Information Chart!
XXXI (31)
Central Pit of Malebolge
Class of Souls:
All the giants are chained excluding Antaeus

Virgil and
NOTE: This is not a circle of punishment in Hell. Some giants are chained for betraying the Gods, but it is not an actual circle.
- First round of four in final circle.

- Cocytus referred to as frozen lake, rather than a river like in Greek mythology.

- Alessandro and Napoleone were brothers who killed each other in a dispute of inheritance

- Camicion is said to of killed a royal family member, and is considered lucky to be in this circle, rather than betrayal against homeland
Discussion Questions
Question 1: Would someone who killed a family member on the opposing forces in the American Civil War go to this circle in Hell? Would they be betraying their homeland if they spared the family member and lost men because of it?

Question 2: Why does Dante take pity on the sinners, and allow them to bend their heads so that their tears don't freeze their eyes shut?

Question 3: All of the sinners in the circle killed a family member. Is there a way to betray ones family without murder?

Question 4: Do you think this punishment suits the crime? Should it be more harsh or less harsh? Why?

Question 5: Why are those who betray their own family in a lower round than those who are treacherous to guests? Dante is known for hating betrayal, so why would betrayal against the ones you trust most be a lesser sin than betrayal to guests?
People who would be in this circle:
Susan Smith:
Susan strapped down both her 1 and 3 year old in the car, and deliberately drove the car into a lake, killing them both.

Joe Barsi
Father of Judith Barsi, a young child actress who voiced Ducky in the popular kids show "The Land Before Time." Shot both his daughter and his wife.
Michael Myers:
Michael Myers stabbed his older sister with
a knife repeatedly while she was brushing her
its cold in here
Dante and Virgil
enter the 9th
and final circle.
This round is
the first of
four and is
dedicated to
Cain. In the
Bible, Cain is
one of two
sons born from
Adam and Eve.
Cain commits the first
murder and kills his
brother Abel.

In this circle are
those who were
violent towards
family. Dante
and Virgil only communicate
with one sinner
who is named
Camicion. He
tells Dante and
Virgil the names of
the other sinners in the circle. Camicion himself killed a kinsman to gain political power.

Dante states that he cannot describe this lower region of Hell to its true horrors. He finds himself lost for words.
As he is let down by the giant Antaues, Dante hears a voice warning him to watch where he is going so he does not step on one of the heads sticking out of the ice.
Dante describes the frozen lake itself as being "clear as glass" and "so thick if a mountain were to fall on it the edges would not even creek"
Dante tries to speak with Alessandro and Napoleone (who are tied together by their hair) but comes to realize that both their mouths have been frozen shut by their tears. He continues on and speaks to Camicion
- Cocytus is the center of gravity, symbolizing the center of guilt and separation from God.
- Gravity, weight, and evil are considered to be the forces of which tie people down to Earth, and therefore down into Hell.
- The Frozen Lake symbolizes complete separation from warmth and therefore God.
Guided Reading Check
1) Where are we in this Cantos? (Summary)
2) Name two of the giants. (Summary)
3) Why were the giants (excluding Antaeus) in chains? (footnotes)
4) Why are the giants here? (Summary)
5) Which of the giants only speaks giberish (Text)
Guided Reading Answers:
1) Central Pit of Malebolge
2) Any combo of: Tityos, Antaeus, Nimrod, Ephialtes, Briareus, and Typon
3) Rebelled against Gods
4) They guard Cocytus
5) Nimrod
Giants vs Gods is translated by Dante into the idea of "people vs angels"
Because they were born from the middle of Earth, Dante places them back to guard their "birthplace"
Dante thinks the giants are towers in the distance. Virgil identifies that they are giants and names each of them.
All giants are chained except for Antaeus (Antaeus did not join the rebellion against the Gods.
Giants guard Cocytus.
Nimrod speaks only giberish.
The Giants:
Nimrod: First King of Babylon - punished for building temple of Babel. Never referranced as Giant. Dante's reasoning for making him a Giant is unknown.
Ephailtes: Son of Neptune and Iphimedia. He and his brother Otus warred against the Gods. Ephailtes tried to pile mountains on top of one another.
Briareus: Also rose against Gods. Said to have 100 arms and 50 hands, but portrayed as normal giant.
Antaeus: Son of Neptune and Tellus (earth). Strength rose when he touched earth. Killed by Hercules. Didn't rebel against Gods so remains unchanged.
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