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Shanice Britton and Luther Standing Bear

No description

Samantha Berke

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Shanice Britton and Luther Standing Bear

Shanice Britton and Luther Standing Bear
By: Samantha Berke
Luther Standing Bear
Luther Standing Bear was a Native American man. When he was young, he was forced by Americans to go to a boarding school called Carlisle. A man named Captain Henry Pratt took him at the time, Ota Kte, snd many other kids to the school. When he got there, he was renamed Luther Standing Bear. At Carlisle, he was taught the ways of the "white man". He learned English and how to write in English.
The End!
Thank you!
Comparing Luther Standing Bear and Shanice Britton
They are both Native Americans.
They both feel very strongly about their culture.
Both of them have a Native American background but know English and American culture.
They think that the boarding school idea isn't smart.
Both Luther Standing Bear and Shanice Britton have experienced two different cultures and lifestyles.
Contrasting Luther Standing Bear and Shanice Britton
They are from different time periods.
Luther Standing Bear was forced to leave his reservation, but Shanice has no pressure to.
Shanice Britton lives in a modern reservation, while Luther Standing Bear lived in a non-modern one.
Shanice Britton has only one name, while Luther Standing Bear has two.
Both of them lived in different Native American areas of the world.
Shanice Britton
Shanice Britton is a Native American 17 year old girl. She lives on something called a reservation, which is a piece of land protected by the government for Native Americans. She lives an ordinary life, watches television, goes to college, hangs out with her siblings, and loves to play with her animals. Shanice continues her family's traditions. She likes to hunt fish by "gigging". Shanice also likes to make Native American-style earrings for her family.

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