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facebook effect: 페이스북의 성공 요인과 마케팅 전략

'페이스북 이펙트 - 세계를 하나로 연결하는 힘' 이라는 책의 내용을 요약 설명하기 위한 발표자료

Joon Goo Lee

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of facebook effect: 페이스북의 성공 요인과 마케팅 전략

University Harvard Stanford Columbia Yale Boston New York MIT High School At least 13 years old White Plains, New York Palo Alto, California Turkey United Kingdom Indonesia The Republic of Korea Club Freemason Austrailia Philippines United States Users: 146 805 000
Growth: 12 879 220
Growth rate: 8.77%
Penetration: 47.32% thefacebook.com Users: 28 770 560
Growth: 963 700
Growth rate: 3.35%
Penetration: 46.14% 582 438 000 Users: 9 752 300
Growth: 130 900
Growth rate: 1.34%
Penetration: 45.87% New Zealand Users: 1 808 980
Growth: 20 280
Growth rate: +1.12%
Penetration: 42.93% Users: 18 901 900
Growth: 2 226 740
Growth rate: 11.78%
Penetration: 18.92% Users: 31 784 080
Growth: 3 983 920
Growth rate: 12.53%
Penetration: 13.08% Users: 24 143 980
Growth: 310 840
Growth rate: 1.29%
Penetration: 31.03% Users: 2 321 840
Growth: 783 580
Growth rate: 33.75%
Penetration: 4.77% Cyworld Sorority Fraternity secret premium Hub Hub Hub I Hub Hub Profile dentity Relationship Open Platform Advertisement Targetting facebook connect Social plug-in US patent 7669123 targetting Like Button
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