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Context clues

No description

haitau yang

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Context clues

Word defined directly and clearly in sentence
Says the word in another way
Usually includes the words: whereas, unlike, as opposed to, however, in contrast to, but, on the other hand
Example: Unlike Jen, who was easygoing, Jackie was
words with similar meanings that are used within same sentence
could be around the unfamiliar word
1 or 2 words that mean almost the same as difficult word
Example: Bacarday and I
or sprinted, away from the chihuahua.
Words around difficult word that has a different meaning
Opposite definition included
Switching your knowledge
Could be contrasting
Example: We thought the athletes would be
after their game, but they were not hungry at all .
There is no direct way to determine a meaning for a word.
Using your raw knowledge
Coming up with the definition on your own
Example: It took two days for the volunteers to
the little girl from the bottom off the wall .

hints given to define difficult word
used when reading
four important types
Context Clues
By: Jenny Lor, Julissa Cardiel, Bacarday Johnson and Haitau Yang
How They Are Helpful
What Are They?
help us define unfamiliar, difficult words in text
we become better readers
come in handy during tests, job applications and cases
when you can't use the dictionary or the internet for something
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