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The Columbian Exchange, The Americas, and Africa

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Aaliyah Fonseca

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The Columbian Exchange, The Americas, and Africa

The Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange has many advantages and disadvantages. In
Europe an advantage is that they had an increase in trade . They
also had an increase in wealth as well. A few, food, things transfer
A few , food , things transferred were potatos, tomatos, corn, peanuts,
etc. . Some disadvantages were the transfers of diseases and rats.

Prince Henry the navigator set up trade post in Africa for slaves and materials
Many plants from the new world became staples in Africa, India, and China
Christian missioners were sent to Africa, China, and India to convert people to christian
After many of the Native American slaves died, they replaced them with African slaves
Egg plants, Artichoke, Cacao beans, and Banana's were traded and grown in Africa.
*Many plants from the new world
became staples in Africa, India, and

*Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish languages spread in the new world schools run by missionaries

*Poor treatment of the new world
*Slavery and Racism
*Bartolome de las Casas protested
mistreatment of American Indians
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