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Science Lab Safety

No description

K Pulis

on 4 August 2018

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Transcript of Science Lab Safety

Overview of Lab Safety
Entering the Lab
Only books and notebooks needed for the activity should be in the lab.
Read the entire activity before entering the lab.
NEVER work alone in the laboratory.
If there is ever a doubt, always ask the teacher.
Horseplay in the lab is very dangerous.
If you can not follow the rules, you will not participate!
What to Wear
Personal apparel should be appropriate for laboratory work.
If you are not dressed appropriately for the lab, you will not participate!
Always wear a lab apron and goggles when told to do so.
Wear the appropriate protective gloves for the activity.
Report all spills, accidents, and injuries to your teacher immediately.
Know the location of the safety equipment before you start a lab.
Know where the eye/face wash station is and how to use it!
Know the proper fire drill procedures and the locations of fire exits and emergency equipment.
If your clothing catches on fire, do not run, stop, drop and roll. Your lab partner should get the fire blanket.
Report all spills, accidents, and injuries to your teacher immediately.
Safety Symbols
Always follow and observe safety symbols and cautions.
Rules, Rules, Rules
DO NOT perform unauthorized experiments or use equipment or apparatus in a manner for which they were not intended.
Stay alert while in the lab, and proceed with caution.
DO NOT eat or drink in the lab and NEVER taste chemicals.
Never use broken or cracked glassware.
Use extreme CAUTION when working with hot plates or other heating devices.
Exercise caution when working with electrical equipment.

When you finish...
Keep lab areas and apparatus clean and neat.
Follow directions for cleaning up materials and equipment. It is not your teacher’s job!
Always thoroughly wash your hands when you finish.

Science Lab Safety
20 minutes to a safer lab environment.
SDS Sheets Overview
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