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Energy Drinks

Give me energy or give me death?

Matt McDonald

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks
Give me energy or give me Death? (or both?)
Energy drinks are now a prevalent part of the youth culture

It is important to understand the pharmacology behind these drinks and their uses and abuses
In fact, did you know that Red Bull is the most popular energy drink with 40.6 % of the energy drink market in 2008 ?
to investigate the effects of energy drinks on human performance and signal predictors of abuse
aids self confidence and motivation
improves cognitive performance
Adenosine makes you sleepy by binding to nerve cell receptors

Caffeine takes up the parking spot on the receptor designed for adenosine, preventing drowsiness

When your brain sees increased activity, it believes the body is getting ready for activity, such as an emergency and secretes adrenaline
How does caffeine work?
An amino acid found in the central nervous system, skeletal muscle,
and heart tissue

Taurine, like caffeine, acts as an inhibitor

- physical endurance
- reaction speed
- increasing concentration
Metabolic Functions:
Responsible for antioxidation and stimulating glycolysis
and glycogenesis

Enhances the ability of muscles

Low taurine levels are associated with heart attacks and unstable heart beats
(arrhythmia and high blood pressure)
Usually 50 to 60 grams of glucose in a 16 ounce energy drink
Small amounts have been proven to improve physical activity
Glucose can also benefit cognitive performance
This is yet another stimulant piled on top of caffeine, adrenaline, and taurine
Too MUCH Glucose
A common energy drink contains caffeine, glucose, and taurine.

Elevated levels of cognitive performance

The data from the study that proved this suggests that there is a significant degree of synergy between the cognition-stimulating effects of glucose and caffeine
Stimulates the production of adrenaline
-too much adrenaline is stressful on the body

Caffeine is a diuretic

More negative effects:
- sleeplessness
- anxiety
- cardiovascular disease

Caffeine is a habit forming drug
(stimulates urine and sweating, thus dehydrating the body)
(stimulates urine and sweating, dehydrating the body to potentially dangerous levels)
As a neuroinhibitor, it was shown to increase
- anxiety
- irritability
- high sensitivity to noise
- self-mutilation in test rats
Glucose causes a temporary jolt of energy followed by a crash

People who are sleep-deprived will not benefit by receiving extra glucose

In a 2006 British study, it was found that sleep-deprived subjects who drank extra glucose had slower reaction times and were more fatigued
People who consume energy drinks are in trouble.

Athletes ingesting these drinks may suffer from
- increased blood pressure
- quickened pulse
- dehydration
- seizures
- chest pain
- sudden cardiac death.
Negative Synergistic
Data Analysis
Henry Ford Hospital
- 15 healthy adults (age aprox. 26)

- significantly increased blood pressure and heart rate

- energy drinks like Red Bull were used for the study since they contain both
caffeine and taurine (which are known to effect heart function)

heart rates rose by about 8 percent on the first day and 11 percent on the seventh day

systolic blood pressure rose by 8 percent on the first day and 10 percent on the seventh day

diastolic blood pressure rose by 7 percent on the first day and 8 percent on the seventh day

If the subjects exercised, it was suggested that the increases in blood pressure and heart rate would be
My Data!
Two tests:
- fine motor skills (needle and thread)
- gross motor skills (treadmill endurance)
This suggests that energy drinks enhance every aspect of one’s performance
do not
Gross Motor Skills:
22 minutes
speed of 9.6 minutes/mile

Trial 1: No Red Bull

Heart rate after test: 184 bpm
Blood pressure afterwards: 150/60

Trial 2: With Red Bull

Heart rate after test: 191 bpm
Blood pressure afterwards: 170/60

On Red Bull, my heart rate rose quickly and stayed high. Without Red Bull, it rose more gradually and did not reach the speed it did on Red Bull
All this data the evidence that the ingredients in energy drinks have an effect on one’s heart rate and blood pressure
Subjective Observations
After drinking 2 Red Bulls in 2 minutes:

felt more jittery
had significant troubles keeping focused
scattered thoughts
It was not a pleasant experience.
The research indicates young people should abuse drugs in an attempt to fit into an athletic or clubbing culture that raises unrealistic expectations of performance if you respect your heart.

To ensure peak performance, forget energy drinks and supplements
- Instead, focus on a healthy lifestyle
- Eat healthy foods
- Do your daily physical activity
- Sleep.
You will live a lot longer!
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Thank you

even greater
can affect heart rhythm
Dangers of Energy Drinks
In August of 2000, Ross Cooney, age 18, from Ireland, died after he consumed four cans of Red Bull and played in a basketball match

On July 12, 2001, BBC News reported that Red Bull was investigated in Sweden after reports at least after drinking it

- the Swedish National Food Administration emphasized that Red Bull must not be
mixed with alcohol, or used after physical exercise

Two of the victims died after mixing the drink with vodka. One woman, named Therese, age 31, collapsed on the floor of a nightclub in March, 2001. Her boyfriend John Anderson told a national newspaper: "Suddenly she just fell down beside me. Her heart had stopped and she was completely lifeless.”

Alcohol makes you drunker than you feel
Test subjects were alert with fewer headaches, less weakness, and better fine motor skills, or so they thought
The men in the test were drunker than they thought

So don't mix red bull, a stimulant, with alcohol, a depressant.
three people died
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