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Change Detectives.

No description

Hae-In Kim

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Change Detectives.

Change Detectives.
Sodium bicarbonate and
Tartaric Acid
If you mix these together in a glass of water bubbles fizz out of the glass. it Resembles a volcanic explosion. This reaction gives off carbon dioxide (CO2). If you do this in a bottle with a balloon over the mouth of the bottle and the balloon fills with Carbon Dioxide.
Reversible: No this is not Reversible.
This is a chemical change because the the chemicals mix and give off CO2
The Perfume was sprayed on to a paper plate and the heat made it evaporate into the air making the air in the room fill with the fragrance of the perfume.
Reversible: No this is not reversible because the perfume can not be extracted from the air.
This is a physical change because the perfume's state is changing from liquid to gas.
Salt in a Glass Of Water
When we the salt dissolved the water became cloudy and we could not see any salt solids.
Reversible: Yes this can be reversed by Desalination.
This is a chemical change because the water absorbs the salt and the chemicals mix.
Burnt Chocolate
When chocolate is burnt it is blackened and stiff. It is also harder to stir or mix.
Reversible: No because cooling or heating would not help.
This is a physical change because it changes colour and changes from liquid back to solid. (melted to burnt)

Frozen Milk
The particles in the milk have changed from a liquid to a solid. It's texture is hard and icy.
Reversible: Yes, we can reverse this by adding heat.
this is a physical change because it changes its state from liquid to solid.
When the flame is lit, the flame needs oxygen to stay lit. If the area around the Candle wick and flame drops below the ignition point then the flame will go out.
Reversible: Yes this is reversible by taking away the oxygen around it. but you can't reverse the melted wax.
This is a Physical change because the wax melts when the candle is lit.
Icy Poles/ Ice blocks
The ice blocks melted and became a liquid, it's original state is a solid. The texture is thin and watery.
Reversible: Yes it is revered by freezing the ice block
This is a physical change because it has changed the states from Solid to liquid
When you drop a berocca tablet into a warm glass of water the tablet fizzes and dissolves into the water. This reaction resembles a glass of orange or rasberry fanta, depending on the flavour of berocca.
Reversible: No; this reaction is not reversible because the berocca has dissolved into the water and can not be extracted.
This reaction is a chemical change because the chemicals from the water and berocca mix and become one liquid.

Melted chocolate
Chocolate's original state is a solid but if you apply heat it can melt to a liquid. In this state it is very sticky and gooey.
Reversible: Yes this is reversible but you may not be able to get it in the exact same form as it was originally.
This is a Physical change because it has changed its state

Solids: Have a fixed shape and the particles are fixed and don't move.

Liquids: Have a fixed volume but their shape is depending on their container. The particles are moving around and rolling on top of each other.

Gases: dont have a fixed shape or volume but are contained in one area/ atmosphere. The Particles Are moving faster than the liquid particles.
By Hae-In Kim
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