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Final Art Prac 2013 - Sourcebook

Anna Ballantine

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of time

my future
“Dare to live the life you have
dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make
your dreams come true.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

final pics
compositional sketches
past me vs. present me
what i want my future to hold
special moments in time
'lost in time' - passion
time in humour
experimenting with different media
acrylic paint
acrylic paint & impasto
oil paint
chalk pastel
decoupage pictures on canvas
inspirational artist
experimenting with photography.
depth of field
larger apertures (smaller f-stop numbers) produce shallower depths of field.
aperture size and F-stop number
combine these ideas
pen/ ink
when having fun, time flies
graphite & watercolour
Chosen media: Photoshop &
'Graphite and Watercolour'
experimenting more with
I had to use photoshop to create two of the three images I will be drawing:
Faces play an integral role in this piece, and if the faces I draw are bad, the art piece won't be as effective... so I'm going to experiment with drawing faces:
A4 experimental drawing in the theme and subject matter I'm exploring:
“I used to think as I looked out on the Hollywood night — there must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I'm not going to worry about them. I'm dreaming the hardest.”
I also have to be able to create an impression of paparazzi and of city and car lights. Here are a few practice pictures:
experimenting with actual photographs to be drawn in prac exam:
After drawing my three final pieces, I'll spray them with a 'finisher' and then paint a few watercolour washes on top of the image. Kind of like this one:
meeting the Olympic champion
On TV!
Sabrina Barich is a brilliant artist I found on DeviantArt. I'm very inspired by her work, and will try to incorporate a few of my favourite elements of HER work into MY work... such as:
- The strong contrast between light and dark
- The "texture" of the drawings
- The space and composition of the drawings
- The amazing realism
past me
present me
dream for the future
elements of time in artwork:
Make an artwork that compares and contrasts 'past me' and 'present me' (with regards to ideas/dreams/beliefs/etc.)?
Figure skating is a huge passion of mine, I've been doing it for nearly 9 years., and I have my South African colours! I love it with all my heart and, when I'm on the ice, time truly does seem to just stop (I lose all concept of time... sometimes I can skate for hours and it feels like minutes). When I skate, I forget all my worries and it feels as if I am just invincible.

I think passion causes one to just forget about time and consequences and worries and fears, and reminds one to just live in the moment.

I could make an artwork (possibly a painting?) of myself skating, with an abstract surreal background to portray the idea of a 'different world' or of 'time standing still' or of 'forgetting about reality'.
I've wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. I know in my heart that acting is what I was born to do, and I know that I can do it. My dream is that, one day, I can be a part of films and tell beautiful stories to people all around the world, and that I can touch people with films in the same way that films have touched me my whole life.

I want my future to be a place where my dream is a reality.

I could make an artwork showing what I want my future to hold. I am beyond passionate the future that I want, so I believe I could make a convincing and powerful art piece when looking at this aspect of 'time'.

Life is made up of so many special and beautiful moments, and I could make an artwork exploring these moments in time. I could draw an image similar to the image on the left (but instead use my own face and fill my head with drawings of my favourite memories)?
Vine videos (7second videos) have become an internet phenomenon. In only 7 short seconds, they are meant to make the viewer laugh, and most of them are hilaaarious! My sister and I made a couple of vine videos, and I had an idea that maybe I could make vines for my art piece... until I realised that I can't exactly make vines in a quiet exam classroom... nor is there any actual, physical 'fine art' involved in them.
But they're still funny, so I included them:
In these three vines, we're re-enacting a scene from The Hunger Games. I'm shouting "I voluteer as tribute!"
We did it to see people's reactions... Wow. People were a little shocked...
And here I'm just being, well... me.
I could make an artwork showing a bunch of my friends and me just having fun. And I could make the artwork in the form of a quick stop-frame animation to show that time really does fly when having fun.
To make my final images, I need to combine borrowed images and my own images. I will edit these together on Photoshop. I will do this by adding an extra layer onto the background image and then erasing the background of the top layer.
I generated the final image on Photoshop.
I made up my own image using these images as inspiration.
I generated the final
image on Photoshop.
I love this technique, but it isn't suitable for this artwork as the details (especially of Times Square) are too intricate. But here are some experiments I did with this medium:
I love graphite and and confident in working with it. I think this medium is very suitable for my artwork. Here are some experiments I did:
I like graphite even more when it's paired with some watercolour washes! Here are some experiments I did with this medium:
I did some experiments with acrylic paint (and some with Impasto and paint too), but came to the conclusion that I can't do my entire artwork in this medium in only 18 hours! I'd never finish.
Same problem here. I'd never finish.
I love the look of pen but it takes very long, there's no way to fix your mistakes, and it uses up pens fast. So it isn't suitable for this artwork because I'd finish 100 pens and get very annoyed with the technique after 18 hours. VERY annoyed.... VERRRRY.
My piece is in black and white, and chalk pastels are most effective in colour... so this technique isn't suitable. Although I really enjoyed experimenting with it:
I've had to incorporate photography already into the artwork (to help form the images I'll be drawing).
This technique is lovely, but wouldn't amount to 18 hours of work.
I've already had to incorporate this technique.
But here are some experiments I did:
I love this technique, but would literally go insane (more insane than I already am) if I had to do my entire artwork in wirework.
I don't think this technique would be effective in my artwork. And it would be insanely difficult to do all the intricate little details of the images in this medium.
My whole life I've grown up just KNOWING that I need to be an actor: it's in my blood. The passion and desire to be an actor has been burning in my heart for years.

The amount of TV and films I watch is insane. I've watched SO many brilliant films, and seeing these brilliant films and studying the actors' amazing performances only fuels my passion for film and acting. I want so badly to be a part of films so that I can tell beautiful and meaningful stories to the world. I want to be a part of films that touch people in the way that films have touched me my whole life.

My dream has been alive for many, many years. I have a scar on my head from when I was 6 years old and acting as Annie (from the musical "Annie")... where I re-enacted a scene where Annie 'flops' on a bed, and I 'flopped' on a bed in a shopping center and failed to see that there was a mirror on the bed... so I broke the mirror, and my head. ;)

In my artwork, I want to explore the fact that PAST me and PRESENT me still have the same dream for the FUTURE.
"Little me" (past me) envisioned New York City as the place I'd act., but I know now that, for FILM acting (as opposed to theatre acting), Los Angeles is the place to go. But both places are entertainment capitals. This contrast of NYC and LA is an element I will explore in my final artwork.
My idol: Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence
My sister and I in "Hairspray"
I played a rape victim in a short film.
My sister and I playing some of our "alter-egos"...
I want to present the artwork in the form of a triptych: one piece showing 'little me', another piece showing present me, and a third piece showing the common dream (to act) from then to now.
Here's a minute of a fun little skit I was involved in for House Plays. I won "Best Actress" for this performance! I played an evil Russian man called Boris. It was a lot of fun.
I will present the final images in 3 white frames.
10 year-old me.
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