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GoMobile LP Gas Webinar

Custom Mobile Apps The LP Gas Industry. The world has gone mobile. Is your business ready? iPhone and Android App Development http://www.gomobilelpgas.com/

Joe Lopez

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of GoMobile LP Gas Webinar

average dental staff to stay CURRENT on
all of this when Your CLIENTS
NEED their attention

But what can we do about it? Go Mobile or Get
Left Behind! A Beautiful Custom Mobile
App Branded for Your Office
in as Little as 30 Days … Solutions Keep doing what worked
yesterday and hope for the best
GET AHEAD OF THE WAVE! The Choice? Smartphones Smartphone & Tablet Growth

Sound Fair? You’ll Understand The Mobile Tidal Wave Fast Approaching and How Your Business Can Reap The Benefits For Years To Come What You'll Learn
You Don’t Need to Be a Technology or Marketing Expert to Provide a Comprehensive, First Class Mobile Marketing Solution!

But…Don’t Lose Customers Because Your Strategy is Off the Mark! Are You Losing Customers?
Would You Even Know?

Your Customers Are Demanding Mobile Solutions… What is Your Business Doing to Accommodate Them? Your Customers Are Mobile…
Are You? You need a license to develop Apps? App Development Can Be Painful! The Cost of an App? Angry Birds cost in excess of $140,000
to develop (Source – April 2011
issue of Wired magazine) And… Social media can be an awesome tool in the hands of an expert

If done poorly it can actually damage your brand

Social media is complicated, time consuming and hard to keep up with period! The Big Problem • TV, Radio & Print Are All Dying Old Forms of Dying Media… How you can do it at a fraction of the cost of "Traditional" marketing Plus… The Future of Communication
is MOBILE! Customer CRM systems are hard to manage

E-mails don’t get read anymore, with typical open rates of 4-10%

Search Engine Optimization
programs are one of the biggest time
and money wasters on the face of the
planet The Big Problem We handle the entire development process from beginning to end Why is Your System Easier? Your Admin Panel Absolutely! But can I REALLY be Fully Mobile in as little 30 Days?

Simply Stated… A World Gone Mobile! So… What DOES The
Future Look Like? Steve Smith: President/Owner, EquipmentFX, Online Media & Technology Solutions, GoMobile Dental, Enterprise level senior management experience

Joe Lopez: President/Owner of Next Media Marketing, Partner/Senior App Developer GoMobile Dental. Background
We’ve Built Thousands of Apps Using our Proprietary Custom App Building Software Our Background What We Do We Design The User Experience And… We Design App “Tap” Sequences And… We Design Navigation Big Media & Technology Experience: No guesswork about how technology, development and ease of use works together

Industry Experience: No guesswork about how your business and customers SHOULD work and communicate in perfect harmony The Results & Key Benefits There are significant trends that are, and will continue to affect your businesses and how we engage our customers…

Let’s take a quick look… Hold On… Let’s Talk Trends 270 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 85% will be web-enabled by the end of 2012 Over 100 billion “push” messages sent to mobile
phone users Current vs. Future:

Over 1 million smart phones being activated
EVERY DAY! Our 2 Years of Data
How Do My Customers Get My App?

Education! We Know You’re Asking… Tell Your Customers! How to Promote Your App Customers Will Share Your App! How to Promote Your App So, how's this
going to work? We’ll build a custom mobile app for your business… Our Offer is Simple…

There is ZERO Financial Risk to Your Business! And… What Exactly Do You Get?

Custom iPhone App Design+Build ($899 Value) What You're Going to Get
QR Rewards System ($199 Value)
(A.K.A. – QR Codes on Steroids) What You're Going to Get Unlimited Push Messaging! Plus Huge Webinar Only Bonuses! Webinar Only Bonus! So… How Much? $2,500 One- Time Design/Submission
and Set Up Fee One More Thing... The Future of Communication
Is Mobile! Thank You! www.GoMobileLPGas.com
800-417-9680 Presented By You'll Learn Connect with 90% of your customers within 90 Seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week How to You'll Learn Educate customers on EVERYTHING you sell How to App Development Process 91% of them keep their phone within Reach, 24/7 QR Code Promotion’s have a 7-10x Better conversion rate than regular text ads Mobile has the Broadest Reach:
5.3 Billion mobile Vs 1.7 Billion internet Users Email Response Time: 90 Mins
Text Response Time: 90 Seconds (Sources: Morgan Stanley, CTIA.org, Borrell Associates, Mobile Marketing Association Asia, Jupiter) 97% of push messages reach their intended
audience and are viewed within 5 minutes Over 45 Billion App downloads to date Within 18 months, over 2 million smart phones
being activated EVERY DAY! Back Office Control Center($1,000 Value) App Analytics ($99 Value) Homescreen+Background Images ($300 Value) Splash Screens & Icon Graphics ($199 Value) Screen Shot graphics ($49 Value) GPS Coupon Generator ($499 Value) Submission to iTunes App Store ($99 Value) E-mail & Phone Customer Support
($99 Monthly Value) Extensive Knowledge Base (Priceless) Video Training Series ($499 Value) FREE Lifetime Upgrades included with
monthly maintenance FREE Social media/sharing features for
viral customer attraction App keyword Research+App SEO!!! $147 a month for hosting, maintenance, support & customer control panel with lifetime upgrades
(normally $199 per month) Steve
Smith Joe
Lopez You’ll See CLEARLY How an App Solves
Customer Acquisition, Retention &
Management Problems Leverage the fastest growing media of all time Get 7-10x better conversion from your marketing dollars Create irresistible offers to get new clients Get those clients to come back again and again Get your existing customers to not only refer their friends and family but to get them in your doors Save time, energy, and Money Avoid answering the same questions over and over again Provide the great care and service your customers deserve & demand Track and Reward your most loyal customers Make it easy for people to find you, contact you, get to your office. What worked in the past isn't anymore, people leave for a few cents per gallon difference

Radio, TV, Print, and even the Web are on the decline The Web is Dying Apps are growing exponentially There is NO Comparison! You'll have clear and convincing evidence of the highest and best use of every precious marketing dollar. Are incredibly easy to use Your customers are already using them! People LOVE Apps!! Create a robust central hub for all the information your
customers need to get the care they deserve and demand
including : We Can Help! (Average) 40 Billion App Downloads to Date!! So What's The Solution? We GUARANTEE Your
App Will Be Accepted! We've produced thousands of Apps using our proprietary software Your custom admin panel allows you 100% customization and control Easily… You never have to write one line of code!! So easy, you can have someone on your staff manage it with under an hour of training Pictures of new or existing products Videos of how services are performed 1-Touch Calling for emergency notification GPS directions to find your store Schedule service calls with one tap Reward loyal customers at certain volume levels All the information they need to know more about without calling or contacting you. And a whole lot MORE!!! Free Signage Included
With EVERY App
Traditional Marketing Is Dying Recap Apps Are Growing Exponentially Apps Replace Outdated, Ineffective Marketing Methods We Make Getting and Using an
App Simple From Start to Finish Your Customers Are Demanding Modern Solutions to Their Needs We're offering the First 50 customers an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTED RATE OF $1,995 Use Coupon Code
"LPGAS" Use Coupon Code "LPGAS" Designing App purpose and functions Graphic Design Hundreds or Thousands of hours of coding Apple and Android stores differ, approval is NOT guaranteed… Apple Has Very strict and ever changing guidelines you MUST follow If you want any changes to your app you'll have to pay the developer You get final approval... We’ll submit the app to the App stores… We’ll guarantee approval… You’ll be mobile in
as little as 30 days!! The world is truly going mobile… go with them and cash in by keeping them happy and selling more in the process! Recap So… What Do These
Apps Look Like? Wow! That's easy!! "...Our mobile app changed the marketing game for our dental office...there is no easier way to connect, engage and influence our clients to return for more of what we have to offer...I am recommending mobile apps to all of my colleagues in our profession..."

- Dr Jim McCreight Who We Are Tell Your Customers! Our offer is good for the first 50 respondents before our standard price goes up by $500
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